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Unearned Runs for All

#12 RHP Fernando Baez and #7 CF Engel Beltre Photo Credit Photo Bass

In the second day of competition at the European Championship Spain defeated Germany in a 15-2 victory that left everyone hitting the showers early.

Astoundingly, in spite of committing 5 fielding errors, Spain managed to hold the Germans to just two runs in the game. Each of those runs however, were unearned.

In the bottom of the 5th with one away, Pascal Amon reached on an error by Spain’s 3B Yancarlo Franco. This would be one of three errors the fielder would make, in as many plays, that would allow Amon to cross. In fact, the only base Pascal hit without an error was a jog over to 2B on a walk awarded to Yannic Walther. SS Alexander Schmidt reached on the second E5, moving the second baseman over to 3B. He was then allowed to take home on an obstruction called on Franco. In the bottom of the 7th it would be an error out in left that would bring around C Vinny Ahrens.

Germany, meanwhile, gave up 15 runs on the day, only 6 of which were earned. That means 65% of the runs scored in this game, 17 in total, were unearned.

Spain’s offensive tear began in the top of the 4th. Engle Beltre doubled and came around on a back-to-back double off the bat of Edison Valerio. The shortstop then got batted around by Daniel Jimenez who singled to left.

Heading into the top of the 6th, the Spaniards were leading 2-1. Beltre began the inning walking to first. Valerio singled him over to third and Oscar Angulo drove him in. Valerio made his way to the corner on a grounder off the bat of Jesus Ustariz. Lesther Galvan doubled, driving in both Valerio and Angulo, before Gabriel Lino singled him home. Spain left the top half of the inning ahead by five.

In the top of the 7th Leomartires Rodriguez reached on a rare throwing error by 3B Eric Brenk. It was ruled a technical error which allowed him to take second. With one away, Valerio drove in Rodriguez. Angulo singled and Ustariz walked.

With the bases loaded Jimenez flew out and there were two away with the bases still loaded. Lesther Galvan singled allowing both Valerio and Angulo to score.

Ustariz crosses on a wild pitch before Gabriel Lino took one for the team to put runners on the corners. Blake Ochoa walked to load them up and Rodriguez stepped back into the batter’s box. He took one deep to left bringing everyone around with a grand slam… and the Spaniards were still not done.

Beltre doubled to center and was replaced by a pinch runner who was driven in by Valerio. That would finally end the offensive half of the 7th inning for Spain. In the bottom half Ahrens’ unearned run added one for Germany but that was not enough to extend play.