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Tough Loss for BEL

Jesus Ustariz holds the runner on at first Photo Credit WBSC Europe

Belgium entered the game with just a single win under their belt while Spain was undefeated.

Spain went through 5 pitchers as Belgium stuck with a starter and closer. Artuur Driessens pitched 6.2 innings giving up 4 earned runs off 10 hits walking one and striking out four. He threw just 82 pitches, 68% in the zone.

Spain’s starter, Lowuin Sacramento, lasted 4.2 innings with no earned runs given up off 5 hits. He also walked one while striking out 4. Though he threw two less innings, the Spaniard threw just four less pitches than Driessens with 64% of them crossing the heart of the plate.

In the top of the 1st, Spain’s offense started off the scoring portion of the game. CF Engel Beltre reached on a single to left and was driven around on a double off the bat of Oscar Angulo. Spain remained ahead by a run until the top of the 4th.

Belgium tied things up with a single to left off the bat of Alex Poesmans. He advanced on a fielding error by Spain’s 3B Leomartires Rodriguez and crossed on a single off the bat of Dennis De Quint.

Things remained stalled at one until the bottom of the 6th when Spain regained the lead. Oscar Angulo doubled down the left field line and arrives on 3rd off the bat of Jesus Ustariz. Angulo was driven in off the bat of Daniel Jimenez, who doubled down the same line. Between the two hits Jesus Ustariz singled to the same side. He reached 3rd on the double, and came around on a fielder’s choice, to put Spain ahead by two.

Over the next two innings the Spaniards added some insurance. In the 7th Edison Valerio offered up a solo shot deep to center giving Spain a 4-1 lead. In the 8th, it was Jesus Ustariz, who went deep to left.

In the top of the 8th Belgium’s offense was helped by scatter shots and Spanish hurler Andres Perez, who walked aboard Drew Janssen. The SS stopped at second when Robin Roevens singled through the left side. He rounded third on another single, this one to center, off the bat of Benjamin Dille. When Dennis De Quint singled to right, Janssen crossed the threshold to cut Spain’s lead to two before Ustariz gained one back in the bottom half of the inning. The game would end with a 3-run deficit between them.

Ahead of this game, Spain had scored 42 runs against their opposition, for a game average of 14 runs, while giving up just two runs over three games. While the scoreboard may not have put a W in their column, Belgium can be proud of their efforts, from both sides of the plate, in this game.