• Lucas Sickner

Templiers beat Indians

Templier Senart v Dornbirn Indians at the CEB Cup 2021 Photo Credit Glenn Gervot

Templiers defeated the Indians 14-11 in an absolute slugfest at the CEB Cup.

The game was tied up at one apiece at the end of the 1st after the Dornbirn Indians’ 2B Elias Niel was hit in by 1B Michael Salzmann, who tripled to center. Sénart Templiers’ IF Alexander Castro Pedomo homered deep to center in the bottom half of the first putting them on the board as well.

In the 2nd Sénart increased their lead by four after Mohammad Baoui tripled to deep left field and came around to score on the play off an error by the Indians SS Dominick Golubiewski. Alexander Perdomo then doubled to deep left center field, allowing Jimmy Mapakou to score. C Andy Paz, next up in the batting order, stepped into the box and singled to left, allowing Alexander Perdomo to score from second. To top off their scoring streak Florian Peyrichou, DH on the day, hit a single to center that scored Paz.

In the top of the 4th the Indians were able to get a run on the board courtesy of 3B Marcel Theiner, who homered deep to center to bring the Austrians within three runs of the French.

Riding the momentum of the previous inning the Indians tacked on two more runs in the top of the 5th, bringing them to within one of the Templiers. Michael Salzmann singled to right allowing C Mike Boateng and Dominick Golubiewski to score.

In the bottom of the 6th, Senart was able to alleviate some of the pressure by scoring a run off the bat of Andy Paz. The catcher singled to right driving in Jimmy Mapakou who himself had reached on a ground-rule double deep to left. That increased the French lead by two.

Both teams swung lively bats in the 7th, each scoring three runs. At the top of inning the Indians’ Dominick Golubieski doubled to left allowing Elias Niel to score. C Michael Jager followed with a single to center right scoring Golubiewski. Marcel Theiner stepped in and doubled deep, just left of center, allowing Michael Jager time to cross.

Following the stretch Perdomo hit a home run, deep to right, driving in Mathis Meurant and Jimmy Mapakou. After this scoring explosion the board read 9-7 and the French retained the lead.

Templiers increased their lead by five in the bottom of the 8th. Three of their five runs came from critical errors by the Indians’ defense. Oliver van der Wijst scored on a balk, Mathis Meurant and Andy Paz both crossed on wild pitches. This final offensive outburst would prove to be too much for the Austrians to overcome. They made a valiant comeback attempt in the top of the 9th, scoring four. Theiner walked on and was followed to the bags by Rupp and Boeteng, who both singled to reach. Marcel then crossed on a wild pitch before Elias Niel took a walk to first to load them up once again. It was a repeat of the 7th then with Golubiewski hit a 2-out double deep to center allowing all three bags to clear before him. After all the excitement the game ended on a typical 6-3 with the Indians down 14-11.