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Syren Shuts Out SKV

Photo Credit: Photo Bass

Sweden shut the door on Slovakia in a shortened-game shutout.

In the top of the 2nd, Peter Johannessen started things off for Sweden’s offense with a double just left of center. C Markus Melendez stepped into the box and drove in the leftfielder with a single up the middle to put the Swedes up by one.

There is where things remained until the top of the 5th. Hitting in the 2-spot, Daniel Johnson singled to starting pitcher Michal Puskar. He was followed on by Thomas Paulich who successfully bunted to the same spot proving, once again, that pitchers need to be committed to running their fielding drills.

Trolle Brandt singled through the left side to bring around Johnson. Peter Johannessen then doubled down the rightfield line driving in both his third and second basemen. Markus Melendez singled to left and Johannessen came around. Up 5-0, Slovakia tried to ice the Swedish offense with a pitching change.

1B Per Sjors, hitting in the 8-spot, hopped on the carousel and kept things going round and round. He singled to right and was followed by Tommy Lindell, who bunted to third to bring around Melendez. Joel Johnson, hitting from the top spot, singled to the right side giving both Sjors and Lindell time to cross the plate.

With two outs recorded, the lineup had come full circle. Thomas Paulich reached on an error by SS Denis Paksi that allowed Joel Johnson to score. Niklas Melin doubled down the right field line and Paulich came home. Brandt singled through the left side allowing the DH time to cross. Peter Johannessen went down swinging and the Swedes traded bats for gloves up by 11.

Both sides had to wait through the end of 7 before mercy would make it official but the game would end early with no further offensive complications.

On the hill for Sweden Oskar Syren pitched a complete game shutout giving up 7 hits and striking out just as many with 68% of his 94 pitches hitting the heart of the plate.

With just a single error committed by each side, this truly was a good old fashion small-ball victory.