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Photo Credit WBSC Europe

In the 5th day of action at the European Championship Russia defeated Austria in 7 innings, ending the day up by 10 runs.

This game had more action in the first inning than many capture over nine. Austria started things off with three runs. Philipp Eckel and Benni Salzmann walked aboard. Both men were driven in off the bat of Ferdinand Obed who homered deep to right.

In the bottom of the inning Russia got into the action. Nikita Monakhov outran a third strike wild pitch to reach and was driven in on a dinger off the bat of Geidys Soler, who took one deep over the center wall. By the end of the inning fans had seen two leave the park and the score was 3-2 in favor of Austria.

Russia tied things up in the bottom of the second. Antonio Bulte reached on a fielder’s choice and was driven in on a single off the bat of Alejandro Castillo. The Russians took over the lead in the third. RF Soler walked aboard and was driven in on a double to right by Yunior Valiente. Yunior advanced to third on a wild pitch and scored on a second wild pitch. At the end of three Russia was ahead 5-3.

The score remained unchanged until the top of the 6th. Russia’s RHP, and Phillies prospect, Anton Kuznetsov walked the bases loaded. When Georg Stemmer sacrificed Ferdinand Obed crossed to bring Austria within a run… at least through the middle of the inning.

In the bottom half of the 6th Russia’s offense went on a tear. Alejandro Castillo started things off with a triple to right and was driven on a single by Soler. He, in turn, came across on a single by Alekhandro Peres. The 1B was then driven in by a single to center off the bat of Maksim Makarkin. Bulte, who had reached HBP, was also on the bags when Monakhov took a long one deep to left to bring around three.

Yunior Valiente, who had also been hit to reach, advanced to third on a single to short by Vasilev. On an error committed by Austria’s SS Mo Hackl, Valiente crossed the plate. Vasilvev scored on a wild pitch just ahead of the home run, stealing the grand slam from Monakhov’s grasp. At the end of 6 Russia had gone up by nine.

In the bottom of the 7th Russia added the final run to end things early with a sacrifice fly off the bat of 2B Vasilev. Yunior Valiente singled to third to reach and made it to third on a fielding error by 3B Philipp Eckel before trotting the final 90 feet.