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RUS & ISR Go Extra

Russia's 2B Yunior Valiente turns two on Israel's 2B Mitch Glasser in the 4th. Glasser had reversed the play in the top of the 2nd which, no doubt, explains Valiente's reaction. Photo Credit Bass Photo

In their opening game of the 2021 European Championship Russia and Israel took the play into extra innings.

The unranked Russian national team took an early lead against the Olympians. In the top of the 4th Alejandro Castillo singled to center and came around on a double off the bat of Geidys Soler to put Russia ahead by one.

In the bottom of the 6th Israel’s SS Ty Kelly singled to left to reach. Kelly reached 3rd on a single off the bat of Rob Paller. Mitch Glasser sacrificed his at bat to bring the shortstop around.

The score remained 1-1 through the middle of 10. With runners placed on 2nd and 1st, per the tie-breaker rules, Ophir Katz bunted and reached on a fielder’s choice that moved Jordan Petrushka to 3rd. An error by Russia’s reliever Adrian Rodriguez allowed Itai Goldner to arrive safely on 2nd. With the bases loaded it was another pitching error, this time a balk, that brought Petrushka around for the W.

Both starters in this game are owed their due. On the hill for Israel Joey Wagman went 8.0 innings giving up 1 run off 3 hits striking out 7 and walking just a single batter. 68% of his mere 91 pitches landed in the zone. That works out to an average of just 11 pitches/inning. Talk about quick work!

Russia’s starting hurler Andrei Lobanov lasted 7.0 innings giving up just 1 run off 4 hits striking out 10 while walking 2. 67% of his 105 pitches were in the zone as well making his inning average 15 pitches.

Think about how fast the first 8 innings of this game went. The two pitchers were, combined, throwing an average of 26 pitches/inning where they would need a minimum average of 18 pitches to work their way through the minimum required batters. The best exercise the fielders and batters got in this game was their constant trots over the line.

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