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ITA Shellacs BGR

Teammates give Giulia Longhi a warm welcome home Photo Credit: FIBS

In just three innings of offense Italy scored 27 runs off 18 hits, including three doubles, two triples and three homeruns. Unfortunately for Bulgaria, the mercy rule doesn’t take effect until three innings are completed and Italy had first-ups.

One of Italy’s strongest bats belonged to Andrea Howard who was hitting from the 3-spot. Howard had two hits, a triple and a homerun, driving in seven of Italy’s runs. The hottest bat however belonged to Guila Longhi who went 4-4 with a double and two homeruns to drive in seven more runs. Over each of the three innings played, Italy put 9 up on the board.

To Bulgaria’s credit, this is the first slugfest we’ve seen where errors weren’t at play. Their defense hardly stood a chance against Italy’s long-ball hitters but, when given the opportunity, they were making the plays.

Their weak spot this game came out of the pen. Combined, their three pitchers gave up 11 walks while striking out just a single batter on the day. They threw 143 pitches in just three innings with just under half of them hitting the zone.

In the circle for Italy Alexia Lacatena went 3.0 innings giving up just one hit while striking out six.