• Team EBSM

ITA Ends Day 4-0

Photo Credit: FIBS

Today was Italy’s doubleheader day in the Women’s Softball European Championship. After just 5 ½ innings of play, over two games, the Italians ended the day with 46 runs.

The Hungarian team was not allowed a hit by Italian hurler Lisa Ann Birocci. She struck out five batters tossing just 38 pitches, 27 of which landed in the zone. That’s an astounding 72%.

Hungary did not help themselves out of the defensive side of the game committing four errors in just two innings. It made only a small difference in the score that would not have affected the outcome as 15 of Italy’s 19 runs were earned. That means, even if we took those runs away mercy still would have called this game in this exact spot. Hungary has committed 13 errors over their first four games, with the bulk of them happening between short and 3B leaving a giant hole in their left side for batters.

As she had in the early afternoon game, Andrea Howard had herself a day at the plate for Italy. Batting second in this game she went 2-2 with three runs, including two homers, and four RBIs. Hitting way down in the #8 Beatrice Ricchi went 3-3, including two triples and a homerun, with 2 runs and 5 RBIs.