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Israel Can’t Top Korea

Photo Credit: WBSC

The rematch between Israel and Korea looked vastly different than their first encounter. Won by a run in extra innings the first go-around, Korea left nothing to chance in their second meeting shutting down the game early under mercy.

Israel had just three hits on the day while posting up 2 errors on defense. Ryan Lavarnway, Blake Gailen and Mitch Glasser all had singles but it was Danny Valencia who walked away with the team’s only RBI, a reward for being patient at the plate with the bases loaded – not a single one the result of a hit.

Korea made slow and steady work of Israel’s defeat. In the first they put a run on the board. Hae Min Park started their offensive half with a single up the middle. Baekho Kang singled to center, giving Park enough time to reach 3rd. Jung-Hoo Lee then drove him in with a sacrifice to center. In the bottom half of the 2nd Jaeil Oh singled up the middle to reach and was driven in by Hwan Ji Oh who hit a home run deep to center.

In the top of the 5th Mitch Glasser walked to first. A pitching change ensued. With two away Scotty Burcham took one for the team and runners were on 1st and 2nd. Ian Kinsler then walked, loading them up. When Danny Valencia was next walked Glasser came around for Israel’s only run of the game – one they earned by patience alone.

In the bottom of the inning Korea went on an offensive tear. Jaeil Oh started it off with a single and Hyeseong Kim came in to run for him. Hwan Ji Oh was served a raspberry and took his base. Kyoungmin Hur singled to short moving everyone up by one. Jaegyn Hwang reached on a fielder’s choice that took out Kim at 3rd. Hae Min Park doubled to left scoring Hwan Ji Oh and Kyoungmin Hur, with Gaegyun Hwang settling in on 3rd. Baekho Kang singled to left, bringing both runners around. After a pitching change Jung-Hoo Lee reached on a fielder’s choice and then took 2nd on an error by 2B Ian Kinsler. With two away Hyunsoo Kim hit a homerun deep to right bringing both men around. At the end of five, Korea was ahead by nine.

In the bottom of the 7th, two away, Hyunsoo Kim doubled to left. Hyeseong Kim then singled to center bringing him around and ending the game early with Korea ahead 11-1.

Neither pen had an exceptional outing. Each pitched just around average – 60% for strikes. Korea struck out 5 while Israel flagged 4. Between them nine pitchers were used, five by Israel, four by Korea.

Israel will now play in the elimination bracket, taking on the Dominican Republic, on August 3rd at 7pm in Japan, 12pm CET, 6am EST.

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