• Team EBSM

ISR Topples CZE

Israel celebrates win against Czech Republic Photo Credit: FIBS

In a close contest Israel pulled ahead of the Czech Republic early and refused to concede their lead.

The Czech Republic were the first to score, putting up one in the bottom of the 1st with a bit of small ball, a single, sacrifice bunt and finally a ground out. Two away and one across.

Israel wasted no time answering. In the top of the 2nd they put up four. Alexis Kaiser singled to right, advanced to 2nd on a fielder’s choice and took 3rd on a single by Aliyah Heurta-Leipner before crossing home, along with Olivia Gott who had reached on the fielder’s choice, courtesy of a double by Arizona Ritchie. Aliyah crossed next off a 6-3 grounder before a Ruby Salzman single drove in Ritchie. Israel leads 4-1.

In the top of the 4th Samantha Yakir reached on an error and was driven in on a sacrifice fly by Darby Rosen. The Czech Republic added one as well in the 4th. Gabriela Slaba singled to short and was driving in on a double by Natalie Kopicova. Israel’s ahead 5-2.

In the bottom of the 5th the Czechs made a run at the W. Veronika Klimplova hit a one-out single to center. With two outs on the board Eliska Thompsonova singled to right, moving Veronika up a base. With runners on 1st and 2nd and two outs on the board, Gabriela Slaba doubled to right scoring both base runners. The Czech’s close the gap to 5-4.

That was all the scoring for the day. Israel’s early lead stuck and they squeezed out a 5-4 victory over the Czech Republic.