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In The MLB Czechs

3B Vojtech Mensik ACL Angels Photo Credit: Phrake Photography

It’s that time of year where we take a deeper dive into how the season is going for the guys in the bigs and learn a bit more about where the younger players are spending their training-ground time.

At the start of the season we had 44 Europeans from 10 countries. Following June draft we’ve now added two players and another country, and club, besides. That makes 24 MLB clubs with a European inside their organization.

With all these careers to track we decided to provide you shorter installments of In The MLB, to allow us a bit more column space for each player. We'll release details on players from a different country with each installment, combining a few countries along the way. Today, it's time to look in on the players from the Czech Republic.

Martin Cervenka, Prague

Team: Syracuse Mets

League: AAA

Parent Club: New York Mets - NL

Position: Catcher

On April 25, 2021 the Mets activated Cervenka. He was assigned him to AAA on May 4, 2021. The 28-year old catcher is posting a .236 average and a .306 OBP with a .657 OPS. He has 17 runs off 29 hits, including 6 home runs and 16 RBIs over 155 at bats.

Behind the plate Martin has recorded 308 putouts and 23 assists committing 4 errors for a .988 fielding percentage over 47 games, 42 of which he’s been in the starting 9.

Cervenka will not make the trip back to Europe this fall for the European Championship. With the Mets just 4 games back it is not surprising that the parent club is holding onto their AAA starter. Not only is Cervenka hitting well, he’s just hours away, making him an ideal last-minute call-up.

Vojtech Mensik, Brno

Team: ACL Angels

League: Rookie

Parent Club: Los Angeles Angels

Position: 3B

Mensik has been playing the infield for North Carolina State since 2019. The 23-year old primarily plays 3B but has also played SS on occasion. Mensik hit .239 in the 2021 season and averaged .245 overall. Over 231 plate appearances this year he had 29 runs off 48 hits, including 7 doubles, a triple and 5 home runs, driving in 24. He’s also fast on the paths, stealing 11 while getting caught just 3 times.

Vojtech also showed a great deal of patience at the plate over his college career. He walked 40 times while striking out just 106. His 2021 OBP was .308, with a .358 SLG and .666 OPS. He fielded .919 over all positions.

On July 14, 2021 the Los Angeles Angels signed Mensik to a minor league deal. He is currently inactivated, to allow his participation in the European Championship. Following the tournament Vojtech is expected to make his debut in the Arizona Fall League.

C Martin Cervenka Syracuse Mets Photo Credit: Phrake Photography

Viktor Vecerka, Brno

Team: AZL Royals

League: Rookie - AZL

Parent Club: Kansas City Royals – AL

Position: LHP

On June 13, 2021 the AZL Royals released Vecerka. The LHP had been signed out of the London Series Elite Camp but never got the opportunity to prove himself.

Signed on July 15, 2019 he was due to report in the spring of 2020 but we all know what happened. That pushed his report date back to March of 2021.

Assigned to the AZL in March of 2020, Viktor was released just over a year later without ever recording a pitch in an MiLB game.

You can see his work at the European Championship, September 12-21, 2021, as he takes the hill for the Czech Republic.

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