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Germany's First Win

Photo Credit Ezr Nadoc

Germany recorded their first W of the 2021 European Championship with a 7-inning 15-5 victory over Ukraine.

Ukraine hopped on the board first with four runs in the second. Heorhii Hvrytishvili started things off with a single up the middle and was brought around with Denys Brechkno who took one for yard deep to center.

Serhii Tykhonets was awarded first and sent around on a sacrifice fly to the same spot by Vladyslav Kosenko. Oleksii Boiko reached on a single and came home courtesy of Kostiantyn Chukhas.

In the top of the 3rd Boiko doubled down the left field line to send around Brechko, who had singled through the left side to reach. That put Ukraine up by 5 in the middle of the third.

Germany answered in the bottom half of the inning. With two away and Alexander Schmidt on first, Shawn Larry doubled deep to center to bring him around. Eric Brenk followed him to the plate and singled through the left side to give Larry time to cross.

The third would mark the start of Germany’s offensive streak and the end of Ukraine’s.

In the bottom of the 4th Germany added 6 more runs. LF Lou Helmig started things off with a solo shot deep to right. Elias Von Garben reached on a single to center and was driven in by 2B Lukas Jahn. Schmidt took one for the team to reach and Larry walked to load them up. Brenk then took one deep to left for a grand slam. At the end of 4, Germany had taken the lead.

The bottom of the 5th started with another solo homer from Lou Helmig to the same spot. In the bottom of the 6th Larry walked on and Brenk was hit. Simon Guhring singled through the left side driving in Larry. Danilo Weber was sent in to run for Guhring and came around on a single by Von Garben that also scored Helmig who had reached, this time, on a fielder’s choice.

Vinny Ahrens had also reached by fielder’s choice and was driving in, along with Von Garben, by Pascal Amon who doubled to right. At the end of six, Germany was up by nine.

In the bottom of the 7th Germany had two away before tacking on the final run necessary to end things in a hurry. Eric Brenk reached on a single to right and was driven in by Elias Von Garben who had done the same.