• Team EBSM

GER Trounces LTU


Lithuania got on the board early in their first game of the Women’s Softball European Championship and held their lead through a full inning. That would be the only time they had the upper hand over Germany in their 17-1 defeat.

When Germany’s bats finally warmed up they melted the scoreboard. The top of their order was getting their second look at Lithuanian starter Nomeda Never. Apparently, they’d learned everything they needed to in their first look-see to dominate the LHP.

German IF Katharina Szalay tripled to center. Milena Bottger, up next, doubled to short and Szalay crossed on an error. Sandner was walked. Biswas singled scoring Bottger and Sandner. Next up, Lankhorst was hit followed directly by kalblein, who was also hit. Four across and no outs was enough for Lithuania’s starter to be given the hook.

Germany’s response? Sure. Let’s see what this one can toss at us from the ring! Claudia Volkmann tripled to left on a 2-1 count to bring around Kalblein. Weyel was hit and Germany had batted around.

Lithuania recorded their first out of the inning on a sacrifice to left by Szalay that brought around Volkmann. Bottger grounded out for the 2nd out of the inning before Sandner singled to drive in Weyel. Biswas reached on an error when a sacrifice turned into a dropped fly that scored Sandner before Brosch grounded out to end the inning with Germany firmly in the lead 11-1.

In the top of the 4th it was much of the same. A HBP here, a BB there and a triple by Hillebrand later and the Germans were up by 12. An E6 here, a walk over there and even a single back at the pitcher got one across the plate. Another walk, another single and this time two crossed over before a ground out and two fly outs to end the inning, which could just as easily have been seen as mercy on the part of Germany as solid fielding by Lithuania. After all, when you’re up 17-1, do you really need to prolong the agony?