• Team EBSM

FRA Blows Out ISR

ISR RHP #11 Itai Dabush Photo Credit: Michal Herman

What started out as a nice friendly game of ball turned ugly in the 4th as France decided they wanted to hit the showers early.

In the first game of the day France and Israel began slowly. France had a run scored small ball style in the 1st. The 2nd was quiet for both sides. In the 3rd folks started to warm up however. France added 4 more, all continuing to cross on singles. Israel answered back with a Ron Shelem homer deep to left to put their only run on the board.

In the top of the 4th France decided to double down on their 3rd inning progress and put in the small ball work to get the job done. Their strategy set up Mathis Guiraud for success with a 3-run triple. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, three batters later Jacques Boucheron decided to take three bags too, on a hit deep to right that drove in those three teammates.

That was all the time Israel would get to bring their bats to life in their morning match up. When their final ups failed to produce, it was time for an early lunch for all.