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ESP Works Quickly

Spain's 3B Leo Rodriguez Photo Credit Ezr Nadoc

It took Spain just 5 innings to hop ahead by 15 and end the day early. Known for their big swings the Spaniards had 9 doubles and a homerun on the day for a team batting average of .600.

In the bottom of the 4th Engel Beltre started things off for Spain with a single to center. Edison Valerio followed his lead to left. Beltre was then batted in by Oscar Angulo. Jesus Ustariz doubled down the left field line driving in both Valerio and Angulo. Daniel Jimenez reached on an error by Ukraine’s SS Kostiantyn Chukhas and was driven in on a double off the bat of Gabriel Lino. That put Spain up by 4 heading into the top of the 2nd.

By the end of the inning, the Spaniards would be ahead by 11. Knowing that 10 only counts after 7 complete, Spain added one in the third, another in the 4th and the final two, to put them ahead by 15 and end the game, in the 5th.

Yancarlo Franco, who was Spain’s DH for the day, earned his spot. He hit .750 over 4 at bats. Franco had 1 run off 3 hits and an RBI for a 1.500 OPS. Hitting from the 8-spot, it should not surprise you to learn he was not the highest average on the day.

Edison Valerio, hitting in the 2-spot, finished the day batting a thousand. He went 3-3, including a double, with 3 runs and an RBI.

Gabriel Lino also had an outstanding day at the plate. Hitting .667, Lino had a run off two hits, a double and homerun, and 4 RBIs.

The Ukraine offense did manage to get 2 hits. Though their defense committed 3 errors only one cost them a run.

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