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Denmark v Lithuania

Martin Simonson gives a congratulatory pass to Marc Nihoj as he rounds for home PC Grega Valancic Photography

For the second time today Denmark shut out their opponent 10-0 on the opening day of the Men’s Softball European Championship.

Denmark’s offense was slowing down a bit, taking 5 innings to complete this mercy call, but complete it they did.

In the ring for Denmark Oscar Andersen pitched a complete game no-no striking out 15. He used just 83 pitches with 52 of them hitting their mark.

Three in Lithuania’s lineup did stay patient enough at the plate to reach, but they failed to capitalize on the opportunity.

As for Denmark’s bench, they made it all the way around the bases this game. There were 2 doubles, a triple and 3 homeruns, two of which Marc Nihoj crushed himself. That gave Nihjoj 4 of the teams 8 RBIs for the game and boosted his first day average to .833. Over 6 at bats the 26-year old had 5 runs off 5 hits and 7 RBIs with his only extra bases coming off those long shots.

If Lithuania's young team has any chance of making it out of the first round, they have two issues to address. First, stop committing errors. Though they had 3 in this game, their first day total was 11.

If that's not enough to get the job done then they may have to get their player-coach Neverauskas, in the ring once again, to hand over the ball to one of the other two part-time pitchers on their roster. After the first day of play, he's already down 35 runs, 16 of which are earned.