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Czech Defends Title

PC Grega Valancic Photography

Game three of the Men’s Softball European Championship ended just like the previous two, early.

When the defending champions faced off against France it didn’t take long for the Czech Republic to remind everyone that, despite five of their starters retiring following the 2019 Men’s Softball World Championship, they’re taking an offensive stance on defending their title.

The Czech lineup was robust with power. The outfielders, both left and right, had themselves a day at the plate. Marek Maly had two runs off two hits. Designated player Mikulas Klas had 2 runs off 3 hits and an RBI over 4 trips, but it was the duo of Buchner and Chuchma who tied for tops each driving in 3 with a one-shot dead center in the 2nd.

Klas reached on a fielder’s choice and Jakub reached after taking one for the team. That set up left fielder Buchner’s RBIs. A single by Turek, followed up by Kruntorad with a double, and Chuchma over-delivered, taking it yard rather than settling for the triple.

Much like the Croatian pen in their opening game of the day, France struggled to place someone in the circle who could hit the plate. While the Croatians threw wild, the French were far more dangerous hitting 4 batters before they were through.