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Czech Republic RHP #42 Boris Bokaj Photo Credit: Ezr Nadoc

The Czech Republic and Sweden opened up the 2021 European Championship in a game that took all 9 to decide. The Czechs would emerge victorious, 6-1.

Both starters held back the bats until the 3rd when each team put one on the board. Matej Hejma started off the top of the inning with a solo shot deep to left to put the Czechs on top 1-0.

The Swedes played a little small ball in the bottom half of the inning to tie things up. Markus Melendez reached on a single to center and advanced to 3rd on a single to right by RF Johan Klarberg. A third single, this one by SS Daniel Johnson brought him around.

In the top of the 4th the Czechs jumped ahead by two. Los Angeles Angels prospect Vojtech Mensik doubled down the left field line to reach, and advanced to third on a double by RF Marek Chlup, before crossing on a wild pitch. Chlup then scored on a grounder by Jakub Hajtmar.

The score remained 3-1 until the bottom of the 8th when the Czech Republic added some insurance using the same guys. 3B Mensik started things off taking one for the team. Chlup doubled to bring him around this time. Marek made it to third on a single by 2B Hajtmar and crossed on a single by Matej Hejma that scored both men. At the end of the game, the score stood at 6-1.

Boris Bokaj went 7.0 innings for the Czech Republic giving up just 1 run off 5 hits. The Swedes starter, Jakob Syren, went 6.0 innings giving up 3 runs off 6 hits while the fielders committed an inconsequential error. They certainly have nothing to be too concerned about heading into tomorrow’s action.

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