Czech RHP Martina Blahova PC: FIBS

In their opening game of the Women’s Softball European Championship the Czech Republic ended Denmark’s day early by a score of 9-0.

All you need to know about how this matchup played out at the plate is to look at the end of the line score. Denmark had 0 runs off 3 hits and 3 errors. The Czech Republic had 9 runs off 11 hits and 1 error.

Denmark’s LHP Mathilde Nielsen threw a solid game. 65 of her 102 pitches crossed the heart of the plate and accounted for 7 of the team’s 12 outs. That she also gave up 6 earned runs is the price of having a pitcher not afraid to throw in the zone without the proper defense behind her. The Danes committed 3 errors before they were out of the 1st and the Czechs were happy to capitalize on their mistakes.

The Czech Republic put up 4 in the 1st and doubled it in the 2nd. After being iced in the 3rd, a triple to right by Jana Furkova drove in their final run of the game.