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Curacao Crushes Rouen

Rouen Huskies v Curacao Neptunus Photo Credit: Ladislav Svencik

They came out of the gate swinging and just never stopped. When the game was called at the end of 8, Neptunus was ahead by 10.

After shutting down the Huskies offense with just 13 pitches, Curacao stepped up to the box. Rouen’s starter, LHP Arthur Magnien, walked the top two batters before 2B Dwayne Kemp crushed one deep to center, three around. Two outs later a double by Benjamin Dille allowed Gianison Boekhoudt, who had reached on a walk, to cross the plate. With the first inning in the books, Curacao was up 4-0.

The next inning, it was a walk and a sacrifice that got Neputunus their first run before John Polonius hit a solo shot deep to right to bring the Dutch ahead by six.

Rouen’s RHP Theophile Danne walked them loaded in the bottom of the 4th. With no outs recorded, Polonius sacrificed to drive in the first of their four runs for the inning. Kemp tried to follow suit but all he recorded was an out. Greg Muller then doubled to center driving across the final two walkers. With Muller on second, Gianison singled up the middle and Greg fleet-footed it across the plate. Neptunus was now ahead by ten.

In the bottom of the 6th Curacao added some insurance going ahead by 12 off a second, solo, homer by Kemp and a sacrifice fly by Louie Sienders, who drove in Muller after he reached on a throwing error by SS Jacob Biller.

Not to be counted out before their time, Rouen’s offense finally warmed up in the top of the 7th. Jacob Biller singled up the middle and Gabriel Harrison doubled over to left to put runners on the corners. Louis Brainville singled to right center, giving them both time to get home. Auguste Guern walked and 1st and 2nd were occupied for Gaetan Moulin’s double deep to right. that drove in Brainville. The Dutch then decided it was time for a pitching change but one more snuck across. Guern put up France’s fourth run off a single by Luc Viger.

That left Neptunus up by just eight, not enough to go home early. Rouen’s pitching staff held them back in the bottom of the inning, well, almost all of them. Kemp, continuing to be on fire, hit his 3rd homer of the day. Up by nine, the game continued.

In the bottom of the 8th the game would finally end early but it was not Neptunus who closed the action, it was actually the Huskies. The first batter walked and Dudley Leonora doubled down the line to put runners on the corners. Quintin De Cuba then reached on an error by 1B Louis Brainville that allowed Gianison to cross the plate and end the game.