And Then There Were 3

#50 Roger Bernadina congratulates #29 Curt Smith during the '19 European Championship Photo Credit: Frank Fries

For a minute there it looked like all The Netherlands had to do to earn a spot in the 2020 Summer Olympics was simply not drop out of the race. Ranked 22nd, China declined to participate as early as May 7, 2021. Then, in the span of a weekend in early June, 4th ranked Australia and 6th ranked Chinese Taipei dropped out as well, reducing the six-team field of play to three. All three teams elected not to participate in the qualifier after it was moved to Mexico.

That leaves only Venezuela and the Dominican Republic in the Dutch path to compete in the Olympic Games. The three teams are neck-and-neck in the rankings filling the 8th, 10th and 9th spots respectively.

Play begins on Wednesday, June 23, 2021 in a round-robin format that will conclude with a semi-final for 3rd and 2nd place on Friday the 25th, and the brass ring game – semi-final winner against the 1st place winner of the round robin – on Saturday June 26th at 1pm (local time), 8pm CET/12pm in Aruba and Curacao, as well as both Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.

The Netherlands play Venezuela on Wednesday June 24th at 5pm (local time) which is when the clock strikes midnight back at home. They will face off against the Dominican Republic on the 25th at the same time.

Games will be broadcast live online through the WBSC but local restrictions may apply due to television deals in your area. You can catch the action on YouTube and on Facebook.

The games are being played at: Hermanos Serdan Baseball Stadium (Estadio de Béisbol Hermanos Serdán) in Puebla, MX. Fans can pick up tournament passes and individual game tickets online or at the stadium’s ticket windows from 10 am to 5 pm.

Single-game ticket price: 50MXN

Five-game tournament pass:150 MXN

The stadium is allowed to function at 50% capacity so there will be 4,600 tickets available for each game. The Estadio Hermanos Serdán, is the home stadium for the Mexican Baseball League’s Pericos de Puebla. All local health restriction measures and rules can be found here.

The winner of the WBSC Baseball Final Qualifier will join Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico and USA ion the field at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games.

Suiting up for The Kingdom will be:


#20 Bolsenbroek, Mike #28 Loopstok, Sicnarf

#37 de Blok, Tom #21 Ricardo, Dashenko

$48 Floranus, Wendell

#23 Fransen, Arij

#41 Groen, Mike

#16 Huijer, Lars

#49 Jurrjens, Jair

#33 Kelly, Kevin

#36 Markwell, Diegomar

#39 Martis, Shairon

#10 van Gurp, Franklin


# 1 Daal, Calten #50 Bernadina, Roger

#77 De Caster, Yurendell #14 Oduber, Randolph

# 7 Kemp, Dwayne #25 Richardson, Denzel

# 5 Polonius, John # 3 Rifaela, Aldemar

#47 Profar, Juremi #12 Tromp, Jiandido

#15 Schoop, Sharlon

#29 Smith, Curt


Skipper: #31 Hensley Meulens

Bench: # 9 't Hoen, Evert-Jan

Pitching: #43 van Doornspeek, Robin

Hitting: #24 De Jong, Sydney

1st Base: #34 Martinus, Fox

3rd Base: #44 Thijssen, Ben

Bullpen: #18 Victoria, Lester