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One Hit for Germany

EBSM European Championship Baseball 2019 GBR v GER PC Thomas Schoenenborn

If you love a good pitching dual then the night game between Germany and Great Britain is one we hope you didn’t miss. The difference following the last out was that between a double and a homerun. It’s that simple.

Both starters were outstanding and their defense had their back. Sascha Koch, Germany’s starter, went 7.0 innings giving up 4 hits, including that double, while striking out 7. That’s it. No walks, balks, wild pitches, nothing. Sven Schueller on lone from the Tulsa Drillers, the Dodgers AA team, closed the game pitching 2.0 innings where he struck out 2 and gave up a hit for the save.

Michael Roth went the distance on the hill for Great Britain. He gave up 1 earned run off 3 hits while walking 1 and striking out 2. That earned run was a solo shot in the bottom of the 5thby Germany’s second baseman Marco Cardoso.

We’d be remiss not to mention the 3rdout in the 6thinning for Germany. It was an absolute tag team brainwave thing between shortstop Alex Schmidt and Cardoso on 2nd. It was also a great lesson in keeping your eye on the ball.

Schmidt was knee sliding toward the ball to tag the runner heading to 2nd. His glove and the ball both hit ground together. Instead of acting like a scoop, momentum caused his glove to push the ball forward and out of reach.

That’s where Cardoso, who continued to keep an eye on things as he ran in to back up the play, scooped that forward-moving ball. He was standing on the base when he, the ball and the runner met up on the bag. It is something you have to see to believe so definitely check out the highlights.

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