• Sam Gilman

In The Kitchen w/Fans

There's something you should know about me. In addition to being a writer, I'm a die-hard foodie. For those not familiar with the term that means I love food. I don't just mean I like to eat. I mean that, for me, food is an experience, not a necessity. I'm definitely not the food critic type eater. I don't go around the world chasing Michelin Stars. I prefer my food experiences a bit more hands-on.

Creating something from nothing in the kitchen is great inspiration for the writing we do here at EBSM. It all starts with an idea and, while the general path is clear, there is no real plan. The formation, to the end result, is fluid and open to mood, interpretation, and inspiration in equal measures.

It is this passion that inspired me last April to spend nearly 24 solid hours in an online vortex where I dug out the history of every MLB ballpark in America, searching for recipes to match the people who embody the park communities. Based on the traditions of the park, and the chefs who bring you absurd ballpark foods, like the churro dog - a hot cinnamon churro placed inside a split eclair donut topped with scoops of frozen yogurt and garnished with whipped cream as well as both chocolate and caramel sauce, - I selected a wide range of foods, some you would find at the park itself, others in the surrounding communities but all inspired, in some way, by the team.

Having worked in the minors and majors for years, I know how much fun eating at a ballpark can be. I've also seen the high cost of food allergies and family budgets when it comes to the privilege of indulging. The idea behind the article was to allow folks to create, right in their own kitchen, some of these remarkable dishes. Let's face it, not everyone lives near an amazing park and folks around the world are always curious to learn how great this food really is. Lucky for me, there were plenty of unbelievable bloggers and chefs who have already been hard at work creating their own versions of these outstanding dishes.

Determined to hit every park in the country, we provided everything from cocktails to desserts in last spring's list. Since then, from time-to-time, we've experimented with one of these recipes in the EBSM test kitchen.

Like I said earlier, the experiences of cooking and writing are similar for me and, as a result, we built the EBSM offices with a kitchen for times when writer's block can only be resolved with an experimental brownie recipe. Let's just say it's a perk we offer.

Everyone's welcome to eat but they have to provide an in-house review of the recipes. In-turn, we've been updating you on the staff comments through our social feed with links to the recipes we've tried.

We've always encouraged fans to send us their own experiences with the recipes, including photos. One German fan took it a step further, inviting us into his kitchen for a test run at a recipe from his favorite park, Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Feeling a bit of heat was in order during the long winter's day in the mountains where he lives, Marcel and I shopped for some pork shoulder and got to cooking some Pan Con Lechon to warm things up a bit. You can see our full cooking session in the video below.

While you're there, remember to subscribe to the channel and give the video a rating so we know what kind of content you'd like to see in the future. If you too would like to cook with us, just send us a note. We welcome fans of all ages willing to get their hands dirty in the kitchen!

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