The Year in Pictures

Every picture tells a story. In our annual photo essay, we’ve asked some of the top photographers in our games to share their work and the stories behind the moments you may have missed.

Lauro Bassani

Home Club: Redskins Baseball Club

Hometown: Imola, Italy

Sport: Baseball

Lauro began the Redskins Baseball Club with friends back in 1979. When he finished playing he started coaching the youth leagues. Since 2010, he has been combining his love of the game with his passion for photography. Bassani has worked on collaborations with Baseballmania, Baseball Italy and FIBS.

The first of the photos Bassani shared with us is a sweet broken bat shot captured during the Italy v Holland matchup this fall in the European Baseball Series.

To view his additional shots, click the slide arrow. To see the story behind any of the photos, mouse over the photo and the details will appear below.

Corrado Benedetti Country: Italy Sport: Baseball & Softball

She Can See Me: The Italian city of Sala Baganza held a baseball tournament for the blind this summer called Mule’s Cup. As this French national team player shows, the game is played with a special ball that makes noise when it is touched. The photographer has picked the perfect name for this photo as it is truly a rare moment when the photographer is caught looking, so to speak.

Giacomo Canali

Home Club: Collecchio Baseball Club

Country: Italy

Sport: Baseball & Softball

Canali is the team photographer for the Collecchio teams and works with the European Softball Federation at the European Massimo Romeo Youth Softball Tournament.

We Knew Him When: Another European prospect on his way up the MiLB ladder. Catcher Cesare Astorri, whose home club is Collecchio, has signed with the Oakland Athletics and has already headed to the States to prepare for spring.

Cesare Astorri

Iris Drobny

Home Club: Stuttgart Reds

Country: Germany

Sport: Baseball


Drobny has been a professional photographer for 21 years and began her sports photography career in 2010. She is the official photographer of the Stuttgart Reds and Mannheim Tornados. Her work has appeared in EBSM, DBV-Magazine and Global Baseball. Iris has shot several European Championships as well as the DBV All Star Game.

Looking at this shot it seems these teammates are in sync in every way. Fabian Weil (background) scores the winning run and teammate Jonas van Bergen, who was at bat, celebrates in like form.

EBSM Staff

Home Club: EBSM

Country: Europe

Sport: Baseball & Softball


Our staff photographers have a combined 15 years of professional experience shooting sports.

During the Finkstonball championship celebrations Attnang-Puchheim's catcher Andre Gruber had a very special visit from his son on the field. It's a long, dangerous course for little legs between the dugout and mound but the boys in blue were there to help him find his way.

Alexander Freiesleben

Home Club: Munich Haar Disciples

Country: Germany

Sport: Baseball


Alex is the owner of AF Photo located in Munich, Germany and an official photographer of the Munich Haar Disciples.

For those playing against the Munich Haar Disciples this year, this was a familiar scene. Outfielder and pitcher, Nateshon Thomas trotted around the bases often as he stretched his .294 average every time he stepped to the plate. 32% of his hits on the season were for extra bases and he stole 28 while being caught just 10 times all year.

Christiano Gatti

Home Club: La Loggia

Country: Italy

Sport: Baseball & Softball


Gatti has been shooting sports since 2012. He became the baseball and softball photographer for FIBS in 2013. In 2016, he took first place in the annual ESF PhotoFEST for professional photographers. In 2017, he shot the Women’s Softball European Championship.

Christiano’s shot was taken during the awards ceremony at the Women’s Softball European Championship. Coaches from the Dutch team were so excited about the win they didn’t mind at all when they learned there were not quite enough medals to go around. In the true spirit of teamwork, they shared the final award while accepting a hearty congratulations from tournament officials.

Glenn Gervot

Country: France

Sport: Baseball & Softball


A freelance sports photographer Gervot is the official team photographer of both the baseball and softball national teams of France.

Ouch!: Savigny Lions catcher Theo Lakmeche was hit in the mask by a foul ball during the final game of the regular season.

Eric Oehme

Home Club: Ulm Falcons

Country: Germany

Sport: Baseball & Softball


Oehme is a 26-year old soldier in the German Army who has a passion for photography. He shoots for the Augsburg Dirty Slugs softball team and Ulm Falcons baseball.

Slugs outfielder Lisa-Kim Fischer heads back to the dugout following a head-first slide that left her short of the bag.

Connie Theissen

Home Club: Cologne Cardinals

Country: Germany

Sport: Softball

Connie is a German-based softball photographer living in Cologne who photographs across the country.

Nap Time: That's the primary theme fo Theissen's photos this year. In this first shot, team Israel is the team that does everything together, including the double duty of guarding the gear while resting up for the next game - a skill it takes years to properly master.

Joe Yun

Home Club: Attnang-Puchheim Athletics

Country: Austria

Sport: Baseball & Softball

Yun is a staff photographer for Sport Magazin. In European baseball he is the official photographer of the Attnang-Puchheim Athletics and the Austrian national team.

This photo captures pitcher Steven Johnson, from the Athletics, warming up during Finkstonball XX.

There you have it, some of the season's best moments captured by Europe's leading photographers. We look forward to seeing everyone at the park in 2018 and can't wait to see the photos, and learn the stories, behind next year's most epic shots.

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