Experience of the Year

Natalia Abros Farre & Caitlin Kramer

Meet Natalia Abros Farre, shortstop for the Spanish team Projecte and her new best friend Caitlin Kramer, shortstop and 2nd baseman for the Dutch Herrings.

The pair first met during a training drill at the 2017 European Softball Coaches Association (ESCA) Camps held in October. Throughout the week thereafter, they remained inseparable.

I found myself drawn to them time and again amid a crowd. They were never more than arms length apart and had entire conversations without speaking a word. Their body language implied they'd know one another a lifetime already. Given they were clearly from different parts of the world I was curious to learn more about their connection.

After sitting with them early in the week at dinner, and learning they had known each other about 48 hours at that time, curiosity got the best of me. I had to know where this would go after camp.

I asked the pair to sit down with me toward the end of the week to discuss their experience. Within minutes it was clear that the depth of their story reached far beyond mere words and that, despite their youthful exteriors, this dynamic duo has much to teach the world about how to make the most of every experience life offers!

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