15 DIY Gifts Under 20€

Tis the season for last minute shopping! We know how stressful the holidays can be. If hopping in your car to fight the crowds isn’t your thing there are plenty of awesome ways to finish your gift list without ever leaving the house.

We’ve got 5 DIY categories of gifts that you can finish at home with some old balls and a few crafting supplies.


Parachute Bracelet

A parachute bracelet (middle) is not only fancy, it’s practical. When you use the proper weight chord, you are giving the gift of life. Parachute bracelets are designed to unravel into usable lengths of sturdy chord for emergency situations. An ideal choice for the baller that cross trains on trails hiking and climbing.

Seams Bracelet

If the seams bracelet is more your style, check out the step-by-step tutorial.


Flip Flops

Turning a simple flip flop into a great gift is as easy as a piece of thread. With a bit of pre-planning and some patience, you can stitch your own baseball seams into that otherwise bland footwear transforming them into must-have duds perfect for any summer occasion. Get creative. Don't be afraid to make those seams shine with your home team's true colors!

If you want to add a bit of style then you can turn an old baseball into a flower as a finishing touch.

Here’s a video tutorial to transform a ball into a great shoe accessory!


If sneakers are your footwear of choice then grab some fabric paint and have at it.

Looking for something a little bit more high-end couture? Check out this tutorial on how to kick up your Converse.

We know, you can't stop thinking about how that flip flop flower would also make a great hair bow, and you’d be right! Here’s a video that shows you how to make the transformation.

We've saved a few additional variations of each of these shoe upgrades on our Inspired Fashion board, along with some great projects for those who like to knit winter accessories!

Game Time


Here’s a great example of how to give your coach the perfect gift this season. This is a fine way to reuse and recycle with a bit of team spirit to last seasons to come! The photo is pretty self-explanatory but if you need some additional inspiration, we’ve got more samples in the DIY section of our Pinterest page.

Eye Black

Do you love an outfielder? Show them how much you care by helping them protect their eyes all season long. In two easy steps you can make them plenty of eye black to last the season through!

Tip: It might pay off to buy some small travel sized lip balm or lotion containers. There will be more product when you finish than when you start and the vessel you begin with will not be able to hold it all.

Key Chains

This project works the same whether you make it from a baseball or a softball. The video below takes you through the step-by-step process to making at least two from every ball. The great thing about this video is it is available in over 100 languages at the click of a button so don’t be worried if English is not your best language!

Other great game time gifts for the whole club, including helmet racks for the dugout and personalized water bottles can be found on our DIY board.



If you’re teaching your little slugger to save, consider turning a regular old pudding jar into a bank for them. Any round glass jar will do. Simply paint the glass the color of their favorite playing ball then draw on the seams. Begin lightly in pencil then paint over them.

Find the center of the lid and punch/cut a hole then push back the sides into the underside of the lid. Make sure to tape over those bent back corners to avoid cuts when your little mogul decides it’s time to check the balance sheet.

Tip: This little jar makes a great favor for collect slips of paper during party games. That makes it the perfect host gift for a ballplayer who is having you over for some holiday hoopla.


While scouring the net for the ideal DIY project that lets you pull out the powertools, we came across these ball-themed bookends and couldn’t wait to show you how it’s done!


All it takes is a little bit of patience, some markers and 5€ at Ikea to turn a typical bedroom lantern into the perfect luminary baseball or softball addition to any room.


In terms of crafting magic, it doesn’t get much better than skinning an old ball and making a planter from the hide! We found a tutorial on how to transform your dead softballs into a gift that grows new life.

You’ll find other amazing household items like throw pillows, custom letters and painting tips for creating seams around a room as well as bat and ball-based practical items like desks, artwork and tables.


We’ve been collecting ornament ideas like this little guy, picture above, since 2016. You can head straight to our Christmas Ornaments board for all the inspiration you and your little crafters could want!

There are lots more DIY projects for hands big and small waiting for you to discover on our Pinterest page including a coloring book board where you can download pages to color and puzzles to complete for a homemade book personalized to your slugger.

To help you get your creative juices flowing we’ve created categorized boards that provide dozens more inspiring ideas to help you find that perfect how-to.


We recommend you take all those great seam drawing skills you’ve been practicing on your projects and apply them to some solid colored paper but, if you want a more realistic looking finish, you can check out this find we discovered. It’s right for every ball-themed occasion!

Once your masterpiece is complete, send us a photo. We promise not to post it before the big day but we’re dying to see how they all turn out!

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