Get Base/Softball 2024!

The 2024 Summer Olympic Games have been awarded to Paris, France. N1 Sport Media in France L'Equipe are asking folks to vote on their sports to include in the host city choice requests.

You can go to the article yourself and vote for baseball and softball's inclusion!

Remember, it is only because Tokyo asked for baseball and softball that we will be playing in 2020. Let's make sure the Paris committee knows how much all of Europe wants to see the sports return in 2024.

To vote you must select three sports for inclusion and then you'll see the results pop up letting you know your vote has been counted. It will show you how the sports are doing in comparison.

To select softball, click baseball. They are included together for the purposes of the survey.

There is no limit on voting so vote as often as you like.

No deadline for the survey has been given so vote now and share with everyone you know, to be sure you get a say!

Do what you can to add to the growing collection of Olympic memories for players and personnel across Europe.

Let's be proactive in helping baseball and softball remain an Olympic sport in 2024!

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