2018 CEB Tournaments

EuroCup 2017 Bologna PC: Flanders EBSM

At their Fall Executive Committee meetings in Croatia, the Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) awarded their 2018 and some 2019 tournaments. Though there are no upper division championships being hosted in 2018, there are two important tournaments that will affect the future of the sport across Europe.

Vienna, Austria will be the site of the most important tournament in the 2018 season for those interested in the Olympic Games. A playoff series between Austria and Lithuania will determine who gets the final spot in the 2019 Olympic Qualifiers. The consultation prize, an automatic pass to the B-Pool Championship game in 2019, is not so bad either. No date has been set for the tournament.

Second on the agenda is actually a first for European Baseball and Softball. The first Super 6 Baseball Softball tournament will be held in Hoofddorp, Netherlands on September 19-23rd. This is a joint tournament between the CEB and the European Softball Federation (ESF).

Details about the event are still emerging but the CEB revealed that the baseball teams will be the top 6 teams from the 2016 European Baseball Championship including: Belgium, The Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Spain.

For Softball the teams are coming from the top teams in the 2017 European Women’s Softball Championship including: The Czech Republic, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands and Russia.

Finally, the European Baseball Championship Qualifier for C-Pool has been awarded to Dublin, Ireland on July 23-29, 2018. Applications for a second site are still open.

Club competition awards are not yet determined as application deadlines remain open through November 1, 2017.

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