Trick Or Treat

There’s a snap in the air and a change in color of the landscape. That can only mean one thing. Halloween is just around the corner! Every country has their own traditions centered around the harvest season but, thanks to pop culture influences, more countries than ever are beginning to get into the swing of Halloween and its myriad of costumes.

Unlike many countries, England or New Zealand for example, who boast of fancy dress parties year round, or cultural events like Rugby 7s or Carnival that are an open invitation to be creative, the US has only one day for dressing up at any age and that day is Halloween.

While the States have had decades to cultivate their costumes, many European countries are in their first generation of trick or treaters so we thought you might be in need of a few DIY baseball and softball inspired costume ideas. After all, we’re not only talking about America’s holiday, it’s their pastime as well, so they’ve had decades to perfect the looks.

If you need to get decked out in record time for a last minute shindig, or jump in as chaperone for a bit of door-to-door activity, we’ve got you covered!


This costume looks great! We're fairly certain it was sewn with felt and stuffed with standard soft pillow filling but you can also create a cheap, easy version using a white trash bag and some construction paper, red tape or paint for the seams. To fill it up packing materials or newspaper will add any necessary fluff around your middle. If you don’t have suspenders get a garbage bag with pull handles then make your leg holes so that the handles sit over each shoulder.

Ball Player

For any great uniform to look authentic, it starts with the jersey. We found a great tutorial online for making a jersey using nothing more than an old T-shirt so we’ll start you there.

This is a perfect starting point for any style of jersey you prefer from modern to throwback. We also found all versions of costuming uniforms from simple to complicated and saved some of our favorites for you on Pinterest.

We didn’t find any inspiration for the bottoms but we’d suggest starting with pajama bottoms for retro looks. You can also turn an old sweatshirt into the perfect cuff for your everyday pants to fit the look by following this video.

We didn’t want our lady sluggers feeling left out of the authentic experience so we were pretty excited to find adult and pint-sized AAGBPL uniform patterns and directions.

Ball to the Head

We’ve seen all sorts of great variations on this one, from where the ball lands – eye, back of the head, side of the jaw – to the affect it has on the recipient, including turning them into a zombie! Here’s one mom’s directions on how she did it and it answers your most pressing question – how do they get that ball to stay in place without pulling off all the makeup?


This one is a costume clearly but we can’t imagine it would be too difficult to replicate. Just some strips of felt and a Chinese lantern and you should be ready to hit the streets yeah? For the handle we’d recommend an old container lid or bottom. The same, in the next size up, should work just fine for the very tip. From there all you need are some markers and you’re good to go!


Bottle or can, the choice is yours!

This one can be super easy or a bit more creative. If you have a beach towel with a beer logo on it you're pretty much done. All you need are some brown pants and a shirt and you're good to go. Wrap the towel around your middle so the logo shows and secure it to your top only with safety pins. That will leave you free to use the toilet all night and still looking like a beer bottle. You can add some authenticity by creating a top and using bobby pins to secure it in your hair. The best way to do that is use a pie tin, aluminum works best for the weight. Wrap it in brown, silver or gold paper to match the top of your favorite brew.

If the can is more your style things just got even easier, in terms of making the look, but more difficult if you'll need a bathroom escape plan. For the can look find some shiny paper and draw or paint the brand logo onto it. The can of your choice should be your guide in terms of artwork. you can make a pop top out of cardboard and wrap it with some of the shiny paper then pin that to your hair or a hat for the final touch.


No ballpark food experience is complete without the toppings so we’re starting there in terms of food costumes. The instructions given are for those who prefer to wear dresses but as you can see from the photos, this costume is perfect for every wardrobe. You can easily use an old witches hat and cover it to get the same effect for the toppers.

Game Ticket

This was a surprisingly tough one to find. The closest we got was an “admit one” general raffle ticket like you might get for a drawing or at the movies. You’ll have to use your imagination, maybe use one of your own game tickets as a guide, but this is really just a drawing exercise and the materials are of your choosing. You can design the ticket on poster board or cardboard and make it a sandwich board costume or you can use an old pillowcase or T-shirt to do the trick. The key will be crisp corners – either on the object or drawn – to give it that paper feel.


While the person pictured is a woman in a dress, as you’ll see from the design and directions, this is a costume that is easily adapted to any gender and sized person. The primary reason is that the base of what makes the costume a hamburger is a “fillings belt”.

Hot Dog

The costume directions we came across were very basic and for adults. As you can see from the hamburger costume however, it is pretty easy to make some complex looking dogs with a bit of felt and imagination!

Popcorn/Cracker Jack Box

Popcorn Box

We have several photos saved for you on Pinterest to give you the visual for these directions. Start with a large cardboard box. Cut in two inches at the bottom corners and taper up to the original width at the top. Cut off the bottom and tape the sides together from the inside using duct tape. Paint/paper the box white and then add red stripes. Glue on a popcorn label. To create the armholes cut inverted teardrops on either side. To make the popcorn lay out two pieces of plastic wrap in a large X. Adhere real popcorn, paper mache, crumpled painted newspapers or crumpled yellow construction paper the plastic wrap. Let it dry overnight. Using a hot glue gun, add the popcorn strips to the top of the box and a baseball hat. If you don’t want to ruin your hat, you can use safety pins to hold the plastic on top of the hat for the night.

To get a more sophisticated style to your popcorn box costume, follow this lead.

Cracker Jack

If authenticity is what you crave then we’ve got the cracker jack box directions just for you!


We couldn’t find step-by-step directions for this one but we’re confident you can pull it off with a photo of your local scoreboard and a color printer.

Trading Card

We saw three different versions of the trading card. This one, the “in the box” method, was the most effective finished product for us because it lent itself to the full card effect. There were two different pop-out versions as well however that we found interesting in their own ways so we’ve included them on our board. There were no directions for any of them but, again, it’s pretty easy to see what they did and follow along. We give big props for the use of a stadium background on this one. It gives the card a layered visual effect while still being inside the card. Really nice result.


This was one we hadn’t seen before but it is definitely a winner in our book! Super easy to assemble and fun in terms of the creative aspects of the awards, the only downside is that it is a stationary costume, to an extent. It would require someone carrying their base around or, perhaps a more creative costumer could come up with a way to make two small box shaped bottoms that pin onto the bottom of the pant legs using poster board. The engraving would then be split across them so that, when the wearer stands with their legs still, the look appears seamless. So long as the weather isn’t wet the night you go door-to-door it’s a winning costume!


This man pieced together a really great umpire uniform using nothing more than everyday clothing and a bit of eye black. Then he printed out some numbers and MLB patch to top off the look. You can attach those with double sided tape or safety pins for easy removal at night's end.


If you have some suspenders, a clean white button shirt and a box lid, you’re ready to go! All you need is some construction paper and some folding skills to top off the look!

The hardest part, at least for those of us lacking top folding skills, was the hat.

As you can see above, the box doesn't need to be complicated. Still, for those who prefer a more professional finish, we've got everything you want to know in this handy how to including an excuse to break out the tools!

With a few prop adjustments you can change this up and become a ticket taker, usher or program sales person fairly easily. For program sales just walk around sans the box with a program in-hand and make a button that says programs and the cost. You don’t even need a real button to pull this off. Construction paper works great! An usher might hold a penlight and have a badge that you can easily duplicate using paper as well as a lanyard. Ticket takers can make a metal detection wand and keep a flashlight to see inside bags.


To complete any trick or treat outfit you’re going to need a loot bag. Something to gather all your candy in and carry it home. We’ve got a few ideas for some great accessories.

T-shirt bag

This bag is kid scissors friendly and requires no sewing at all! Best of all, it’s a great excuse to repurpose some old shirts you’ve been dying to get rid of. As you can see in the photos, if you use a tank you'll save yourself a few steps in cutting.

No one should work on an empty stomach so we’ve included a few inspirational treats to keep you going.

If you’re a sweet and salty snacker than these chocolate covered pretzels will keep you going through the costume construction!

If you’re in party prep mode then spider pizzas not only make a perfect getting ready snack but double as a great host gift!

Speaking of host gifts, pumpkins are definitely in surplus this time of year. If you decide you’d like to try your hand at carving your own, we’ve added some incredibly easy, awesome baseball and softball ideas to our pinterest halloween inspirations board. We’ve even got a little surprise in there for Suicide Squad fans!

Whatever you do this Halloween season remember safety and warmth! Create costumes that easily adapt for a long sleeve shirt and pants underneath and make sure to add a flashlight into the treat bag. Also, ensure your pant legs are clear of the ground and your shoes are not only sturdy but warm and tied.

For those Americans abroad thinking they’re old pros at this be warned. Some countries in Europe have started their own traditions when it comes to the treat portion of the night. The trick is they require you to work for your treats so be prepared! In parts of Germany for example, the amount of snacks you receive are in direct proportion to how good a song or rhyme you can create to impress the folks holding the grub so get creative and have some fun!

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