Saay Baseball!

PC: Iris Drobny

During the month of June we traveled far and wide, crossing Europe more than once. Along the way, we stopped to take in a bit of culture.

In Stuttgart, at the German-American Center, we struck gold. One of Germany's premiere sports photographers, and everyone's favorite team mom, Iris Drobny, had an exhibit up for their summer culture program.

A professional photographer for more than 20 years, since 2010 Drobny has been a professional sports photographer as well. She is not only the official photographer of the German Bundesliga teams the Stuttgart Reds and Mannheim Tornadoes, she has been the official photographer at Bundesliga-sponsored events such as the All Star Games. Her work has appeared in several German newspapers, DBV-Magazine, Global Baseball and, of course, European Baseball & Softball Magazine.

Iris happily popped into the studio during our visit to give us a personally guided tour. She shared some of her favorite pieces with us and, let us bribe her with chocolate into to hosting the tour on camera.

We had a fantastic time (just watch the outtakes if you want proof!) and got to see some amazing pieces of art besides. Below is Iris' guided tour. If you want to see more of these pieces, click on the video that appears at the end of the tour. We've uploaded a silent tour for your to take in the art at your own pace.

Many of the pieces in the exhibit are available on Iris' website for purchase. We recommend you check out her full collection of amazing work!

Special thanks to both Iris Drobny and the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zetrum in Stuttgart for their hospitality. We had a lovely time.

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