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We got rained out at the offices this past weekend so we did what any sensible person does on a rainy Saturday afternoon in summer. We watched cartoons!

After a day filled with entertainment we decided to share a few of our favorite baseball and softball-inspired cartoons courtesy of the internet. We're not sure whether to consider this an art or movie culture piece but whatever it is, it was a heck of a lot of fun to put together!

We're starting off with Life With Louie. This one was brought to our attention by Romanian baseball player Robu Cosmin-Ionut when he helped us learn more about his art. Cosmin-lonut said this particular episode sparked his interest in the game. Before seeing this episode as a teenager baseball was unknown to he and his friends. After watching this they were so curious about the sport they made their own equipment and taught themselves how to play the game.

For those who have been keeping up with our language lessons you’ll appreciate this one. It is a full explanation of how to play the game demonstrated by Goofy of Disney fame. It covers all manners of play in real time so we doubt you'll learn a whole lot if you don't already know it but for those who do, especially scorekeepers and umpires, the humor will not be lost on you. If you're new to the game you'll probably feel a lot better about how much you don't know after watching so give it a peek and have a giggle.

This next video gets our "Best New Discovery" award. It is a 1961 cartoon about the game narrated by a baseball as it takes it's own journey through the bigs. It is full of humor and fun animation with lots of references to the greats of that time.

The '80s rap showdown in Charlie Brown's Spring Training was enough to get this one included on our list. We're fairly certain the New Zealand national team will be referencing it for Haka tips!

The "Nostalgia" award goes to our next video. Sam made us watch it and we have to admit Bobby's World is a pretty great place to live. We want our own Uncle Ted!

Before he was the host of America’s Got Talent and Deal or No Deal, Howie Mandel was the imagination behind Bobby’s World. Bobby was a voice Mandel did in his standup routines that got turned into a Saturday morning cartoon. In this episode Bobby, along with his dad and his Uncle Ted, head out to Bobby’s first big league game.

There’s that one guy in every park that thinks ke knows it all. The folks at Looney Tunes decided to make Bugs just that man. See what happens when the guys on the team that out-muscle him 2-1, force him to put his money where his mouth is.

These next two go hand-in-hand. In 1888 a poet named Ernest Thayer wrote "Casey At The Bat: A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year 1888." It was first published in a San Francisco newspaper in the midst of baseball season that summer.

By summer's end it was already being performed in theatres around the country and it has been recreated on stage and screen ever since. It has been featured in films, books, on television and in music throughout its history.

This 1946 Disney rendition is a nod to the rumored Irish roots of the person Thayer modeled the poem upon.

Apparently it was a hot success because a 1954 follow-up was released. In keeping with the changing times, this version feature another Casey at the bat. She, no doubt, represented the A.A.G.P.B.L. which, with men at war, was baseball.

For the women of our sports this is as close as we could get for cartoon idols.

Our softball search lead us down the path to a whole lot of beer-league inspired humor. And, let's face it, that's sometimes great too!

The Simpsons kick off our softball videos. Though they have covered both baseball and softball over the 20+ year history of the animated series, this one is a standout classic.

The company softball team works hard to get to the championship and then the boss brings in a bunch of ringers to seal the deal. It features quite a few major leaguers of the time and it's the Simpsons. What more do you need to know to click play?

This quick Family Guy clip tells you everything you'll ever need to know to be considered a championship team in the beer leagues.

If watching so much great animation has given you an itch to doodle, give this tutorial a try. It's a step-by-step walkthrough on drawing a 3-D ball player. Take your time and have some fun! Send us your creations and we'll put them on our version of the household fridge, our Pinterest account!

Can't get enough cartoons? We’ve created a baseball and softball cartoon playlist on our YouTube channel with these and many more. Included on the playlist are two episodes especially for our youngest baseballEBM fans!

We’ll keep adding to it, as weather permits, so be sure to subscribe to our channel to keep abreast of updates to the list, as well as original content uploads. You never know what we'll discover next!

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