Post Season Preview

Across Europe seasons are heating up. In some countries the regular seasons are coming to a close with playoff rounds underway while other leagues are just getting into the heart of their season. With post seasons beginning in August and ending as late as early November, we thought you might like to know where to catch games after your own season ends. Seeing every league follows their own post season rules, we've included those details to help you keep up with the action.

Austrian Baseball

Austria has two divisions in baseball. The top team from each gets a pass into the semi-final round while the 2nd and 3rd place teams play a best of three quarter final. The winner of each then plays the 1st place team for a spot at the championship game. That series is a best of five semi-final. The championship round is a best of seven series.

Belgium Baseball

In Belgium the regular season is still very much underway. They will continue to play through the end of August. At the close of regular season the two top teams in the league will play a best of five series.

The top team in the regular season gains home field advantage. The games are played a full 9 innings with the 10-run mercy rule becoming applicable after 7.

The games will be a single game format, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, switching home and away. First game begins at 2:00pm CET each day. Dates have yet to be released.

Belgium Softball

Softball runs similar to baseball in Belgium. The top two teams at the end of the season meet up for a 5-game series.

Home field advantage goes to the top team in the league. All games go 7 innings unless more are needed to break a tie.

Because there are both men’s and women’s softball leagues in Belgium, their series for the championship is split. The men play double-headers beginning at 1:00pm CET on Saturdays and the women play double-headers starting the same time on Sundays. Like in baseball, game dates have yet to be released.

Czech Republic Baseball

The top six teams in baseball are currently in their first rounds of semi-final play. Eight games in Kotlářka Praha, who finished the regular season in 6th place and just made the cutoff for playoffs with a .472 winning percentage, is sitting at the top of the pack undefeated. Everyone else in the round remains in their regular season order with Draco Brno currently in 2nd having lost just one game.

As this round finishes the schedule moving forward will be released.

Czech Republic Softball

The Czech Republic has both men’s and women’s softball leagues. Their regular season will conclude at the end of October before playoffs begin.

The top two teams automatically advance to the semi-final and the last two teams engage in a play-out. Those remaining play a quarterfinal matchup. The top two teams out of the quarterfinal advance to the semi’s. The top two teams of the semi-final round meet up in a best of five series.

French Baseball

July 30th marked the end of regular season play for French baseball. The quarter final match ups start the first weekend in September. The Rouen Huskies and Senart Templiers, who finished the season in 1st and 2nd place respectively, have earned an automatic spot in the semi-final round. The Huskies will face either the MUC Barracudas or the Savigny-sur-Orge Lions over the following two weekends. While the Templiers prepare for either the Montigny-le-Bret Cougars or Paris UC. The quarter finals are a best of three series.

There will be no break in the action throughout September with the quarter finals the first weekend and the semi-finals straddling the next two weekends in a best of five series, before the finals begin on the 23rd of the month in another best of five series.

French Softball

The regular season has ended and now they are preparing for finals in France. On the first weekend in September the semi-finals begin. The Toulon Comanches, who finished the season undefeated at 20-0, are looking to take home their 10th straight championship. They will face the Grenoble Grizzlies who closed the season in 4th. Meanwhile, Paris BCF and the Clapier-Jacou Rabbits, who finished second and third respectively, face off.

The winner of each of these match ups will meet in a 3-game championship to be held the weekend of September 23rd. It will be interesting to see whether playing or rest holds favor in the league. The majority of the starting lineup for the French national team is comprised of players from Toulon and the national team coach is also their head coach. Since the regular season ended in late June, they have been playing international events including the European Championship. At the end of August the full Comanches team will compete in the Women's European Premiere Cup. When the semi's begin on the first weekend in September the other squads, even if they have continued practices, will certainly be running cold in comparison.

Finnish Baseball

The Finnish championship will be a best of five series between the top two teams. The Finals will be spread out over two weekends in late August and early September. The Expos, currently in the #1 spot, are looking to take home their 15th straight championship title.

German Baseball

In Germany they have just completed what they call the play down round for the bottom four teams in Bundelsiga 1. Bad Homburg, Regensburg, Saarlouis and Stuttgart played a short series to determine who would stay and who would go.

Regensburg, who were champions from 2010 to 2013 have been struggling since their mid-season coaching change in 2016. They are bringing up a younger group of players who managed to hold onto their spot with an 11-0 victory over Bad Homburg. Both Bad Homburg and Saarlouis will move down to Bundesliga 2 for the 2018 season.

Meanwhile, the top 8 teams across the north and south are in an interleague series of their own. Once the series is complete, the playoffs will begin. Playoff placement is determined by a team’s total record in interleague play throughout the full season, including this interleague series.

The series is a new element to the playoff rounds this year for Germany. In past years, there would be an additional month of regular season play and then interleague play between the top teams would constitute the playoffs.

The new interleague series is a great opportunity for advancement in the playoffs for teams from the North Division, where the level of play is a bit less balanced. In the past top teams in the division rarely faced the higher level of competition they would see in the playoff runs. During the regular season there were one or two interleague games a year but not every team faced off. The interleague series gives the best teams in the north a chance to play these teams, and learn a bit more about their style of ball, before facing off in an all or nothing situation. This should lead to a more interesting playoff series across the league.

German Softball

Only the women play softball at the top level in Germany. Their regular season concludes in the middle of August. The quarterfinal matchups will be held the first weekend in September with a half final series the following two weekends and the championship on the final two weekends of the month.

The Wessling Vermins, who have won 4 of the last 5 championship titles, are currently sitting 4 games ahead in the north while the Munich Haar Disciples are sitting comfortably atop the south with a 5 game lead. There is still a lot of season left however. In the South the Vermin have 4 games left and the team sitting in 2nd, the Hamburg Knights, have 6 games still on their schedule. For Munich in the North, the situation is less dire. They and the Regensburg Legionaire each have 4 games remaining in the season.

Great Britain Baseball

The schedule for Great Britain’s playoff series is now live with teams TBD. The series will take place over the first three weekends in September. The regular season winds down in late August.

Italian Baseball

Baseball season ends on August 14th in Italy. Following their final games the playoff schedule and teams will be automatically generated based on the system they use for scoring. The play-outs and play offs will be set after this process is complete.

Italian Softball

The softball season is still going strong. The women will begin their playoffs and play-outs in September. Those details will similarly emerge following the end of the season as the data is analyzed to determine placements and schedule.

Netherlands Baseball

The semi-final round for Dutch baseball has begun. The top four teams are playing a 6-game round robin series. This means each team will face off twice. This series will run through September 24th.

The top two teams out of the round robin will play a 7-game championship series. The dates for those games are already listed under events.

Netherlands Softball

In the Netherlands both men and women play softball. They go from regular season straight into a playoff series.

Like in baseball, the top four teams have a 2-game series playoff round and the top two teams head to the championship. This round takes place the weekend of September 16th.

Their championship will take place the following weekend, the 23rd of September and is a best of three series.

Spanish Baseball

In Spain the season has ended. The #1 spot in the Division De Honor is held this year by both the Marlins out of Tenerife and the Astros out of Valencia. Both teams finished the season with a 22-6 record for a .786 winning percentage. There is no championship series in Spain so we'll have to wait for next season to see if there is a team that can hold the top spot alone.

Spanish Softball

Softball finished their season with the Athletics in 1st place. The San Sebastian team won 17 of their 18 games for a winning percentage of .944. Sant Boi CBS came in 2nd and Fenix Valencia CS rounded out the top three.

Swiss Baseball

Baseball quarterfinals will begin after September 9th in Switzerland. The format is a 1-game playoff between the teams finishing in 3rd and 6th and those finishing in 4th and 5th in the regular season. The #1 and #2 spots get an automatic seat in the semi-finals.

In the semi-final matchup the #1 seat plays the winner of the 3/6 matchup and the #2 seat faces off against the winner of the 4/5 game.

The winner of each then plays a best of five series for the championship.

There are other leagues where information is still outstanding. As we gather those details we’ll be including their dates and information in our events page for your reference.

No matter how far into playoff action some teams have already begun traveling there is still plenty of road left in the 2017 season.

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