Men's Softball Semis

Photo Provided Courtesy of WBSC Softball PC Maddy Flanagan

The semi-final round of the Men's World Softball Championship begins today. While Europe sent four teams to the games none will advance. That doesn't mean the tournament is over for them however. Far from it in fact. Each team will play for place today with no European teams playing against one another in the first round.

Turkey will play Hong Kong, Great Britain faces off against India, the Czech Republic and South Africa will be adversaries and Denmark and the Dominican Republic have been paired for the final game of the day. Based on record we can expect some of these matchups to be close.

Turkey, the newcomers this tournament, are 0-7 heading into their game against Hong Kong. Hong Kong is 1-6 themselves but each team played in a different section so their matchup may prove to be an exciting game. The same can be said of all these competitions. Great Britain was 1-6 while India was 0-7, South Africa was 2-5 while the Czech Republic was 3-4.

In fact, the most interesting matchup will, not surprisingly, be the final one of the day. Both the Dominican Republic and Denmark have 3-4 records in their respective sections heading into the game.

No matter the outcomes today, each team will live to play another day. All the teams play one final round on Saturday before the three medal games are played on Sunday.

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