On The Road Again

Does your home team’s season slow down in June? Ours too. That’s why we’re taking a road trip! All across Europe teams will be competing in international events hosted by the CEB and ESF. You’re likely to spot EBSM at more than a few of these events. Our adventure starts in Austria this year at the 20th annual Finkstonball tournament and music festival. The whole thing started as a small fundraising event to help the local Athletics raise money for their field. They invited fans to pack a tent and head to the game. After the game they turned the grounds into a campsite with a stage. Local bands performed throughout the night and a tradition was born. Through the years both events have grown. Softball and baseball are both played during the tournament and the music festival goes on every evening with acts from around the world. We can’t wait to boogie all night after an intense day of games. Next we’re headed to Regensburg, Germany for the European Champions Cup. Baseball teams from France, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands compete for the title. From there we have many roads we can travel to reach the Federations Cup. There are events across four countries, all within a day’s drive, so we’re going to wing this leg of the trip. You’ll have to keep up with us socially to find out which location wins in our auto version of rock, paper scissors. All roads will eventually lead us to Italy for the Women’s Softball European Championship. This year the tournament has a record-setting 23 countries participating across four different pools. After that the second-shift takes over. We’ve got reporters heading to the World Port Tournament while those in the office begin coverage of the WBSC Men’s Softball World Championship. Throughout our travels we’ll provide exclusively, daily in-app content, including game notes, so make sure to download it now if you haven’t already. Every tournament’s standings will be posted in stats and we’ll be uploading highlight reels to our YouTube channel as well. Socially we’ll keep you swimming in photos and update you on all the fun going on between innings. Are you heading off to these or any of the other tournaments we didn’t mention like the to Achilles Challenge, Prague Baseball & Softball Week or the C.E.B. Cup? Find us on the ground and come hang out. If you miss us, tag your social posts using #baseballEBM or #EBSM and we’ll holler back. Does your team have Olympic Day celebrations scheduled? We’re looking forward to seeing and participating in them all as the month goes on but we can't be everywhere so make sure to share your adventures with us. If you live in one of the areas where we’ll be, let us know your favorite local spots. Send us the details via pin or snap a photo over to us on Instagram. If you want to help us show the world the great things about your hometown drop us a line and we’ll make plans. Want to see what we’re up to? Join our Pinterest board. We’ll post a scrapbook for you to flip through as the weeks go on. We’re excited for the journey. After all who doesn’t love an excuse to eat road trip food and lose all track of time? But, even more than the games themselves it’s the opportunity to meet you that we’re most looking forward. Getting the chance to learn your stories and to thank you in person for your support is what keeps us going between home stands. Admit it, you’re ready to pack a bag and join us aren’t you? Next June, you’ll know what to do! Until then, we hope you enjoy our postcards from the road.

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