34 Years Strong

The 34th Edition of the International Mastenbroek Baseball and Softball Tournament took place March 31 – April 2nd with the Tex Town Tigers hosting in Enschede, Netherlands. 15 teams representing four nations participated.

The ceremonial 1st pitch was thrown by Alderman Jurgen Van Houdt the member of city council for sport MR, which is responsible for care, welfare, sport and integration. Games were livestreamed over Stichting Softbaldino.

The participating softball teams included: from the Netherlands Olympia Haarlem, the hosting Tex Town Tigers, The Terrace Birds, the DSS Haarlem, Gambro Twins, Roef! and the Sparks Haarlem. The Czech Republic sent the SK Joudrs and Germany their national team representing players from seven clubs. Switzerland had the Barracudas of Zürich in town.

Olympia Haarlem won the tournament and it was their starting pitcher, Eva Voortman who walked away the real winner. In hand, she carried the batting title. Hitting .769 over five games and 13 at bats she had 6 runs off 10 hits including 1 triple and 2 homeruns for an unbelievable 10 RBI tournament total and a 1385 SLG%. She pitched in three games earning a .64 ERA over 14 innings and adding 3 Ws to her weekend totals.

On the baseball side it was a two-nation standoff. The Netherlands stacked the deck with home field advantage. The Tigers and Twins sent their men along with the ladies while the Quick Amersfoort and Alcmaria Victrix road in solo. The Swiss were the only outsiders willing to participate with Zürich having sent their men along for the event.

On the Men’s baseball side the Quick Amersfoort swept the tournament going 4-0 to take home the trophy. The batting title went to Remian Denis on the Quick who hit .778 in 4 games with 9 at bats scoring 4 runs off 7 hits including a double and driving in 2. The next closest batter in the tournament hit .400 in 10 at bats. Nothing to sneeze at but, in comparison, not even close.

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