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PC: MLB Properties

PC: MLB Properties

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has just recorded their first win of the 2017 WBC shutting out South Korea 5-0. For those familiar with the team’s most recent tournament history, this does not bode well for the competition.

Not to be shown up by their continental brethren, the Kingdom of the Netherlands came out swinging early in their first WBC game against South Korea. Jurickson Profar hit a first inning homer on a fly ball to right bringing Anderlton Simmons around the bases for the lead.

In the second it was Simmons’ turn to pay it forward. He doubled on a line drive to left bringing Randolph Oduber around to score. Sticking with the theme of the day, in the 6th it was Oduber’s turn. He decided to take the task full circle, both literally and figuratively. With a homerun to left he put the bat squarely in Dashenko Ricardo’s corner while adding some insurance. Due to home field advantage we’ll have to wait for their next game to see what Dashenko does with his turn.

South Korea is now 0-2 for the tournament with Chinese Taipei up next but not before the Netherlands get their turn with them on the diamond.

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