Summer Pool Invites

July 24 – 30, 2017, 12 teams in two countries will participate in the Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) B-Pool tournament. 2016 C-Pool winners Poland and Serbia will battle 10 countries for a spot in the 2018 European Championship.

Poland will, once again, host a pool event this season. Group one will compete in Poland. Participating teams, in rank order, include: Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia. During last year’s event members of the US Embassy greeted fans, handed out vintage baseball cards and participated in opening ceremonies in the games.

Serbia is slated to host Group 2 for the tournament. Participating teams as ranked include: Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Greece and Israel. It is a big year for the Serbian baseball community. They are the host country of the 2017 CEB/ESF Congress taking place in February and will also host a qualifying round of the Federations Cup in June.

The winners of this year’s B-Pool events will qualify for a spot in the 2018 European Championship. The teams in last place will drop down to C-Pool competition next season.

Other tournaments being held this season include the CEB Cup, European Champions Cup and Federation Cup. For a full schedule and lineups, as well as ticketing information go to our Events page.

For tournament outcomes keep an eye on the Standings.

WBSC rankings

Russia (23), Belarus (44), Ukraine (39), Lithuania (37), Poland (40), Slovakia (38) Serbia (51), Austria (31), Switzerland (50), Bulgaria (47), Greece (46), Israel (41).