Diamanti di Italia

Italian photographer Corrado Benedetti has a passion for baseball. “As a kid I fell in love with the old game. There's no other game than baseball for me, any other sport is a minor sport.”

Benedetti says that photography is his other passion. He began photographing for FIBS in 2002 after press officer Riccardo Schiroli made the offer. In 2015, he released the book Diamanti di Italia, Diamonds of Italy. Schiroli, who wrote the forward of the book said, “I knew Corrado was trying to be a photographer and I took a chance. Over a decade later he and his associates now provide the majority of pictures we use.” The forward and photo captions are in both Italian and English. Though featuring Italian baseball as its subject, the book is a wonderful coffee table addition to any baseball lover’s collection.

baseballEBM spoke with the photographer to learn a bit more about the project.

How did the book come about?

After covering the Italian Baseball League for several seasons in a row, I wanted to use a selection of my pictures to tell a story that involved all of a baseball day: teams warming up, batting practice, the rest of the pre-game, all the way to the national anthem and then the actual game. I tried to capture images of what's interesting in Italian Baseball.

There are pictures that show how much concentration is needed to get ready for a game or for a moment in the game. With a single picture, you can describe what's so fascinating in the game of baseball.

How were the photos selected?

In the 2014 season, I began to take pictures in order to put together what I needed for the book. I had a chance to take good pictures, on and off the field, during the IBL All-Star Game and during team Italy's games in the European Championship. I also had a chance to cover some of the activity in Tirrenia's Academy.

Do you have a personal favorite photo from the project?

I like the ones that give an idea of what happens before the game, during the preparation of the game, and the ones that celebrate a victory or show the upset of a loss.

Benedetti says that going through the book will give you a true Italian Baseball League experience.

In the book credits we learned that Beneditti lost a special member of the team that helped make the book a reality. “My Editor, Romeo the cat, passed away at 16 years old on June 1, 2016, but he saw the book.” It is tough to move on but Benedetti has found a way to occupy his time and attention. “I am working on a new project, but I am not ready to say more.”