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Spring Training For Your Ballgame Parties

Baking can be fun, decorating an adventure but most people try to create the Mona Lisa only to wind up with a result closer to a finger painted self-portrait done by a 5-year old. Whether you’re an experienced baker or just starting out, we want your softball and baseball themed desserts to look amazing and taste even better. We scoured the net for a few helpful hint, finishing touches and how-to guides to help every level of baker have a successful Spring Training celebration.

We’ve to lots of tips to share so we’ve categorized by type of dessert. Included are options for beginners, intermediate and advanced bakers.


It seems sticks only make food taste better so we’ve got three “on a stick” recipes for you.


Brownie Pops

Make a brownie at least ½ inch thick

Use a round cookie cutter/glass or a ball shaped cookie cutter to cut out circles

Insert popsicle sticks or cut screws into the bottom of each

Frost and draw on seams


Cake Pops

We’ve made these intermediate only because they require dirty hands. That means one of two things… either channel your inner child or let a kid dig in and do the dirty work for you, your call coach.


Chocolate Pops

This is actually the easiest to do but it requires some patience as well as equipment so we’re calling it advanced.


Pop sticks

Mold for making shapes. We found a shipper that accepts international orders.

Chocolate for melting – you can use chips, candy melts or chocolate bars.

Option: flavored essence. We like to add a bit of peppermint to give the pops a refreshing taste.

Note: If using chocolate with cocoa butter it will need to be tempered to come out looking great.

Three recipes for all skill levels:

Ball sugar cookies

This video is all about decorating but we found the cookie recipe for you too.

If time is of the essence in your cookie decorating timeline, fear not. We found a similar technique using less steps.

Fruit Salad

Two healthy choices for the ball lovers in your crowd. Field and cap shaped fruity creations.



To make a ball cake you have a few options:

1) Use a round pan

2) An oven-safe bowl can be used as a mold for a three dimensional finish

3) Purchase a pan set designed for baking a perfect ball

Decorating Tip

Consider candy when frosting just won’t do. With red, brown and black shoestring liquorice, red M&Ms or color coated candies make laces and seams.


Using a round cake pan, bake your cake. Then watch the video for simple decorating ideas.


3-D ball on field

Tip: You can use two equal sized oven-safe bowls if you don’t want to buy the dome. A little yellow food coloring and you’re ready to make a softball!


Baseball Bat step-by-step shape cutting tutorial. This person uses fondant to decorate but, as the photo we found shows, you can use buttercream just as easily.

The Diamond

Many people use a square pan and make a baseball field. You can also follow the cutting directions under the beginner recipe for a more authentic finish.


Using a square cake pan and follow the blog’s step-by-step directions for a homerun finish.


This one comes with no instructions but it’s pretty easy to figure out using a keen eye for detail. The top level of the stands is done with cake scraps and the people are made of nonpareils.



When it comes to simple, Kraft’s got you covered. Using nothing more than a round cake, learn how to make the perfect glove.


This blogger uses a bit of sculpting to get the job done. Best part? Scraps… yum!


How about a three-dimensional glove holding a ball? Yeah, we’ve got that.



This version uses nothing but cake and your imagination. Use the photo above to cut your brim if you want a cake lid. Around this office, its totally the preference.

The next two examples are less about degree of difficulty and more about personal preference. We know there are two schools of cap wearing folks out there so we’ve got a cake for each of you.

Fitted Cap

Snapback Cap

This video features cake recipes and directions for making a tie-died cake

Home Plate


This is an extreme cake more for the filling and shear size than anything else. It is sure to inspire.


Here’s a video tutorial for making your own cake template

If you’re better with steps you can read, here’s a blog tutorial for template making.

Sports Card

All you need is a rectangle shaped cake pan and a custom edible image to make your favorite player's personalized sports card.


Our first video is all about decorating and includes sports-themed templates you can print at home

Of course no cake, cup or otherwise, would be complete without frosting! We’ve found a Butter Cream Frosting recipe that has nothing to do with sports but everything to do with taste! This video includes three recipes for cupcakes vanilla, strawberry and chocolate as well as their accompanying buttercream frosting recipes.

It’s all about the presentation… here are two bloggers who have come up with varying ideas on how to best do that. We start with a round bat cupcake stand. For a changeup featuring base-inspired tiers check out this blog.

Our Favorite Recipe

Mixes and store bought frosting are certainly tasty but, if you enjoy an excuse to spend a little more time in the kitchen, are worried about food allergies or simply would like to produce some quality product with ingredients you can trust, we’ve got you covered: Brownie, Sugar Cookie, Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Cake, Homemade Ice Cream.


Many of the products you buy in the store such as buttermilk or condensed milk can be made at home too.

To make buttermilk simply place one tablespoons of the juice from a lemon into a cup of milk and let it stand for 5 minutes.

For condensed milk, the key ingredient to a great ice cream base, all it takes is sugar, milk and a bit of patience at the stove. Combine 2 cups of milk and 2/3 a cup of sugar and reduce on simmer until the mixture measures out to 1 cup.


From candy molds to cake pans, piping tools to decorations, many bakers recommended Wilton as their brand to shop. If you’re looking to equip your kitchen like the experts, you can. We checked the site and they do accept international orders.

Amazon, Etsy and eBay all have versions of bat candles to top off your desserts. We also found ball cake rings, cookie cutters, cupcake holders and more. They’re all saved on our pintrest board Baseball and Softball Themed Desserts.