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It can sometimes seem like the only time outfielders get any skills practice is shagging BP balls. We’ve spent a lot of the last year trying to find quick and simple drills designed specifically for outfielders without much luck. Cue YouTube!

We scoured channels looking for drills coaches can run with the outfielders to enhance practice time when training in groups. We’ve also included some solo drills and tips for both players and coaches.

The methods are essentially the same across both sports so we’ve categorized all videos, baseball and softball, by topic. Watch them all to see which ones speak to your own style of fielding or coaching.

Player Tips

Three Quick Tips for Outfielders

Tips from a pro including blocking the sun

Footing Tips & Tracking Drill


We’re starting you off with the basics. This is a great video for beginner coaches as well as new players. It includes really simple, basic drills: one for outfielders, one for the cutoff man. No special equipment needed. Build your own cutoff man and send pictures!

Here are three separate drills for you to run with the outfield to work on: avoiding false steps, fielding off the fence and concentration.

This video includes a two-ball drill, bare hand drill and gap communication drill.

Solo Outfielder Drills


Improving your throw


Coach's Corner

Mini-coaching clinic for outfield training

Coach-to-Coach: Correcting Outfielder Issues

As one coach puts it, outfielders are your last line of defense against the score. Include a few of these drills over spring and make your last line of defense your best line by opening day!