The Year In Pictures

We asked photographers from across Europe to share their best shots from 2016. They’ve provided a few game notes for context, but it is their work behind the lense that truly makes these amazing moments in EU baseball and softball, history.

Lauro Bassani, who co-founded Redskins Baseball Club in 1979 decided to combine his two great passions, baseball and photography, in 2013.

October 2, 2016: Entitled Dust this photo was taken in Paternò, Sicily during the playoffs of Serie A Federal.

Corrado Benedetti was born with a passion for photography and has been working with FIBS Since 2002. Benedetti has released his first book of photographs about the Italian Baseball League entitled Diamanti D’italia.

Umpires prepare the game balls with special mud during the pregame.

Jordi Cortadella Arnabat is a photgrapher located in Barcelona, Spain.

July 3, 2016: Roibert Orlando Decena of CB Barcelona facing off against the CBS Sant Boi defense at Camp Municipal Carlos Pérez de Rozas ballpark during a heated matchup between the local rival clubs.

Iris Drobny is a regular baseballEBM photographer who works across Germany but calls Reds stadium home.

Headcoach of the Stuttgart Reds, Gavin Ng (#51), first base coach Ken Hudson (#28) talk line-up changes during an unexpected turn of events in their game against the Tübingen Hawks.

Antonio Fernandez is also located in Barcelona where he photographs softball.

July 24, 2016: C.B.S. Sant Boi senior women’s softball team celebrates their victory in the final of the Spanish Queen's Cup at Riberas del Loiola field. The ritual of throwing your cleats in the air is performed when winning a tournament in Spain.

Alexander Freiesleben is a German-based photographer whose home team is the Münich-Haar Disciples.

Umpires Wagner #36 (right), Tscharf #42 (top), Hempfling (left)

June 10, 2016: This photo captures a late-evening game between the Haar Disciples and the Regensburg Legionäre who are part of the German Baseball league (DBV). Pictured are the umpires after their plate conference, a few minutes before the the first pitch.

Glenn Gervot is a freelance sports photographer and official photographer for the French Baseball and Softball Federation.

August 31, 2016: Senart catcher Ernesto Martinez (#46), made a tough out off the backstop on a pop up during the Challenge de France. He managed to retrieve it while battling the tough afternoon sun. Kissing the ball, both as a sign of love for the game and thankfulness for having made the out, he returns the ball.

Magnus Hallqvist is a Swedish electrician who enjoys sports photography as a hobby.

September 3, 2016: Enköping brings their hometown fans along for a semi-final matchup against Skövde at Saints Park.

Walter Keller is another baseballEBM contributor covering the Regensburg Legionäres.

Tobi Dietrich (right) and Markus Himmelstoß (left). During a night game against Mainz, Legionäre TV sit in their "office" high atop the tower in Armin Wolf Arena, home of the Buchbinder Legionäre Regensburg.

Sascha Schneider is a sports photgrapher located in the North Rhine-Westphalia region in Germany.

September 15, 2016: At the European Championship in Hoofddorp right fielder Liddi slides into second but not in time. Germany’s Schulz turns the double play.

Thomas Schönenborn, who is located in Cologne, gives his team loyalty to the Bonn Capitals where he has been one of the team’s photographers for two seasons.

Chris Goebel (#48) One of the Capitals’ most energetic teammates (and former baseballEBM cover model) initiating deuces wild. When the count is 2 and 2 with 2 outs the Caps rotate one arm, pointing the other towards the field.

Connie Theissen is a German-based photographer located in Cologne.

This picture was taken during a game between the Wesseling Vermins and the Hamburg Knights during the third rain delay of the day. Happy as the sun or hanging out in the rain is the Vermins outfielder Jovanna Gehle.

Special thanks to these, and all the photographers, who have shared their talents with us throughout 2016. baseballEBM wouldn’t be the same without you. We're floored by the talent throughout Europe, both on the field and behind the lense, and can't wait to see what 2017 will look like!