Last Minute Shopping

The sports we love are an art form unto themselves but, from time to time, it is nice to see the game through the eye of an artist. To get your favorite player or coach through the long off-season, we’ve got a few art options for gift giving all the year through.

Fast Finds

If you are shopping for a Norman Rockwell fan look no further than Art. They have Rockwell’s six iconic Saturday Evening Post cover photos in poster form. You can select them alone or with the Post’s logo behind them for that authentic feel.

For a more personalized gift you can turn the softball or baseball player in your life into their very own work of art with the help of websites like All Pop Art. You upload a photo and they do the rest. You can choose from Warhol to cartoon or photo realistic styles and the sizes include single – 4-piece shots.

Softball is severely under-represented in the art world so we decided to inspire a few buddying artists with our Pinterest account. We searched high and low for some great work and we found it, in spades, across the site. Best of all, there are directions from two different sources on how to make your own unique and personalized piece so no need to pray to the shipping gods that you’ll get it in time for the holidays. Check out our Softball Art board for inspiration!


If you are in search of some uniquely original gifts at affordable prices, true pieces of art, then we’ve got you covered.

In 2014, artist Oliver Barrett created a ghoulish-inspired collection of baseball portraits. From Hall of Famers Griffey, Maddux and Johnson to some of the game’s biggest villains including Bonds, Strawberry and Rose he’s got them all. The collection is called Baseball Jerks. Originals and copies of the works are available. He even offers a 3-set of random posters. All prints are very reasonably priced.

For a really unique and colorful baseball gift, select from Charles Fazzino’s amazing 3-D pop art. His work features stadiums and events from across baseball.

From Fenway to Wrigley, All Star Games to Mr. October himself, Fazzino’s got it. Sizing ranges from 9x12 – 17x23. Baseballs, helmets, home plates and other items are also available.

Brian Linstrom offers prints at prices everyone can afford. Our favorite is his Jackie Robinson creation that sells for just $20.

If your love of art is based on the ‘I know it when I see it’ theory, then we’ve found the spot for your shopping to begin. Boston Baseball has put together a collection of local artists works for you to preview and shop. From cartoonists to sketch artists, you’ll find their talents run the gamut. If you’re a member of Red Sox Nation you’ll especially appreciate this source.

Rest assured that Papi fans will find no shortage of love but there are artists, like Gary Davis, who expanded their reach to include legends outside the New England landscape. If you’re a fan of those wonderful cartooned placemats you get at restaurants with the town’s history on them then Frankie Galasso’s style is going to make you smile.

Click on the artist’s name to see their work and, if you like something, you can head directly to their website using the link below their name in the bio of the page. The art is both quality work and reasonably priced.

Collectable Artwork

Is there a player in your life whose hung up there uniform for the last time? Sean Kane is an artist who personalizes gloves with artwork to keep the memories alive. His custom designs allow you to create the perfect keepsake for the very special player in your life.

For the serious collector who enjoys still life works there is an artist you need to know. Kyle Polzin has painted and sold two baseball-themed works but is currently available for commissioned endeavors. When you take a look at what he’s done, you’ll see why he’s made the list.

If you are looking for more generic baseball scenes rather than specific players then it is Roger Patrick’s site you’ll want to visit. Included in the Boston baseball site, we’re pulling his work out because it is oil on canvas so the pricing might be above the range of average. The work is in the vein of scenic realistic, but minimalist, making it a good style alternative to Polzin’s work.

Though the remainder of her works are not baseball related, it appears Carol G. Armstrong has the heart of a baseball mom. That heart is all over this special canvas. We fell in love with it and had to share. Her website offers a contact form for more details on the piece.


If you’ll be traveling abroad for the holiday season then we’ve got some places to bring your favorite ball fans for the ultimate gift experience.

New York

Of course a visit to the Big Apple wouldn’t be complete without some time upstate at Cooperstown. The Baseball Hall of Fame will inspire everyone in your travel group so don’t shy away if there are some novices in the bunch.

Can’t make it to Cooperstown? They have an amazing collection of baseball art to peruse online along with the history of each piece. Every form of art, from manuscripts to drawings and photographs, can be found in a variety of categories. It’s worth a look for inspiration!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has regular baseball-themed exhibits and several permanent collections. The facilities are spread throughout the island of Manhattan so we recommend searching online ahead of time to find the correct exhibit location. You can view their baseball card collection online any time you like.

If you happen into the Smithsonian on your visit you might want to check out Baseball at Night in person. Painted in 1934, the Morris Kantor original can be found on the 1st Floor of the American Art Museum. Similar to the Met, The Smithsonian has regular baseball-themed exhibits so check in with the staff when planning your visit.

Los Angeles

Stop by the Baseball Reliquary. One of the artists with works on permanent display is Pat Riot. Using bubble gum as his medium, he creates colorblind eye test style art of baseball legends.


Visit The Babe’s birthplace museum while you’re in Camden’s neighborhood.


If you’ve got a Roberto Clemente fan in the family then a stop at his museum in Pittsburgh is a must. Visits are by appointment only though so be sure to plan ahead.

Whatever the holidays hold in store for you, we hope these works of art bring spring one step closer to your door.