Now Playing: EU Baseball & Softball

Did you know that there are bloggers and podcasters across the EU covering the sports you love? The off-season is the perfect time to discover their work.

While there are dozens of folks covering the MLB a few true blue fans have dedicated their works to the European clubs. These folks cover your own national teams during tournaments. There are also some who cover their local teams. This list should help you keep an eye on your opponent’s media sources, as well as your own, to ensure you never miss a game!

There are a few bloggers dedicated strictly to European baseball and softball. Worldwide, Mister-Baseball, is known as the source for all things European baseball and softball related. The blog is 10 years old and covers European players, tournaments and EU players abroad.

Extra Innings: Baseball Around the World, covers baseball on a global level. The monthly blogger reports from the world’s largest events in the sport. This is a great source for tournament features, as he tends to report directly from the events.

If you’re a dedicated Dutchy fan then The Dutch Baseball Hangout is the spot for you. Covering all things Honkbal related, as well as occasional reports on the MLB, Yankeebiscuitfan blogs nearly daily, even in the off-season.

Fans of Italian baseball will appreciate the dedication of the MLBForLife blogger. Their work is dedicated to the Italian-American community and covers baseball both in Italy and abroad, especially where the two interests intersect. He’s covered Piazza, as well as Gasparini, on a regular basis.

Two additional blogs in English that cover baseball and softball in Europe are US military-based. The U.S. Army, and the nation’s military paper Stars and Stripes, both have sports pages dedicated to Europe. Naturally, they cover their own sports but have, on occasion, covered their local community teams as well. They also cover sports year-round.

These two blogs should not be overlooked as a potential source to find locally-based people who grew up playing the sport on a competitive level. It is a great opportunity to reach out and work with the military base to arrange clinics and scrimmages.

If you capisce Italiano then is the blog for you. It covers all matters Italian baseball.



The International Baseball Community podcast is run out of Austria and regularly interviews EU players, coaches and club managers.

Run by Baseball Overseas the podcast focuses on the experiences international players have in their new communities and offer perspective on playing abroad.

Baseball/Softball UK has their very own podcast. Keep up with all things UK baseball and softball related including international tournament play. The podcast has no regular schedule and is used, primarily, for major interviews affecting the clubs.

New this season, It’s Not Rounders is a weekly podcast dedicated to British baseball. They not only cover current events but also include game tutorials for those new to the sport and give history lessons as well.

Bat Flips and Nerds is a blog with a podcast in the works. Covering UK-based baseball, they are self-described as “more about the stories and the drama than the tradition.”

There are a few international podcasts, covering mostly the MLB, that are also great sources for keeping up with EU players abroad.

The Love of Baseball covers both baseball and softball.

Baseball America’s coverage is the go-to source for all things MLB major, minor and international league related.

MLB Trade Rumors covers all the transitions taking place across the MLB on a daily basis.

Sprichst du Deutsch? Then meinsportradio has you covered for all things Bundelsiga baseball throughout the season.


As mentioned above, The Love of Baseball covers both baseball and softball. There is also a podcast dedicated strictly to the components of the sport itself. Smart Softball is both a blog and a podcast dedicated to “delivering epic stories, simple ways to improve softball skills, and coaching philosophy”.

Fastpitch TV is a one-stop shop for all things softball related. It is a blog, radio show, drills, videos too, everything you’ll need to keep your team up and going in season and out. The even have training equipment for sale through their store.

Many teams also livestream their games throughout the season. This can mean an opportunity for you to watch your hometown team from the comfort of your couch! These broadcasts may be done in English, or in the native language of the country where the games are played, but you know the game so have fun learning what the locals say.

Live Streams

Teams across the EU live stream their games. We’ve included links to a few sources below. If your team streams as well, contact us with the details and we’ll add it to the list so that other fans can watch along at home!

Most teams in German baseball stream their games through Sport Deutschland. The Buchbinder Legionares, however, not only have their own TV crew but a separate channel as well.

Softball Games in the Czech Republic broadcast over Playo.

The ESF streams all their coverage directly through the Federation’s website.

There you have it, a comprehensive list of all the EU-based resources for baseball and softball we could find. Are there any EU or skills-based podcasts, livestreams or blogs in English you’ve stumbled across that we have yet to discover? Let us know! We’re always happy to share additionally resources for European baseball and softball information in English.