Playing in Slow Motion

Training day is all about teachable moments. At the World Baseball Classic qualifier we found just that moment watching AAA catcher Chris Berset. In the game against Brazil he had two outstanding, game-changing, putouts. Plainly stated, it was heads-up defense.

Early in the game he called for the ball at home plate on what would otherwise have been turned for two in a routine double play. That kept the run from scoring and would prove vital to the final score. At the end of nine Great Britain walked away just one run ahead.

Shocking nearly everyone in the stadium Brazil decided to make something happen in the 9th, sending a guy with two outs recorded. By his reaction, you would have thought Berset was in on the conference. He threw out the runner trying to steal 3rd to record the final out. Team manager Liam Carroll said, “Berset played an outstanding game. For him to be mentally sharp, as well as to throw it on the money, is a testament to the work he puts in on a daily basis.”

baseballEBM caught up with Berset following that last out and asked him to share his tip for seeing the game in real time.

The Massachusetts’ native played 2016 at AAA for the International League Cincinnati Reds where the catcher recorded 600 putouts in 712 innings.