MLB Draft Eligible

There’s no rule that says women can’t play Major League Baseball. In 2015, it was a 16-year old Frenchwoman named Melissa Mayeux who became the first female eligible to be signed by an MLB team. “Most people think baseball is a sport reserved for boys, but I’ve never given up. It just encouraged me”, says Mayeux. Melissa is the shortstop on the French U-18 Junior National Team and the first female player to be added to Major League Baseball’s International Registration list.

In her 2015 interview with EBM+ Melissa said, “I love to be on the diamond because I don’t think of anything but having fun and playing.” It was Mayeux’s baseball skills that convinced France to lift their ban on girls playing baseball past the age of 15. Melissa says, “I think that if, right from the start, girls would be allowed to make their own choice, many would chose to play with the boys. They have their place in the baseball field. It’s clear that certain girls have the capacity to play with men.”

As if proving her point Mayeux, the youngest player on her Men’s first division adult league team, has ten putouts and zero errors at short with a batting average of .385 in 26 at bats over her first eight games of the 2016 season.

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