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In the opening ceremonies of the 20th Women’s Softball European Championship European Softball Federation (ESF) President Waage encouraged everyone on the field and off to Love Softball.

The new tagline of European softball is more than a re-branding. Waage told EBSM, “This is a way for everyone involved with the game – fans, volunteers, players and media – to express their passion for a sport we all love.”

The Federation’s brand moving forward will be Softball Europe. The ESF sees this as a way to promote the sport rather than the organizations that run the administrative processes in Europe. For the switch, they unveiled the new logo.

Cleverly designed to look like a softball, the logo will often be used with the yellow being switched out with images from Europe’s game. The circular design is a great reminder that we are all connected through the sport.

The biggest addition to the branding is the #lovesoftball hashtag. It is the start of a bigger movement. By creating a tag that unites Europe’s softball community the Federation is making it easier for people, no matter where they are, to reach out and stay in touch.

“Through this slogan we hope to unite the European softball community by making it easier for everyone across the continent to find one another,” Waage said.

To help everyone express their passion for the game, while adding a personal touch to the message, the federation kicked the campaign off with a new website. On the site you can choose colors and features for a personalized hashtag. It also has direct links to all of Europe’s softball action, as well as information about how the game is played for newcomers.

Softball Europe kicked off their social love portion of the announcement with a selfie booth that prominently featured the tagline and people were quick to get in on the fun. We took quite a few shots of our own while at the event. By clicking the photo of everyone’s favorite Softball Europe administrator, Helena, you can scroll through our gallery and add your own shots to the mix.

Social media, as well as traditional media sources, will all be found under the Softball Europe and #lovesoftball umbrella moving forward.

The European Softball Federation will continue to operate under the traditional ESF logo. All organizational communications, including financial and legal documentation, will remain under the European Softball Federation title and logo.

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